Shakti 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Soumya Gives him Water

Written Update: Shakti 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

Harman takes the beverage, takes a taste and keeps it on the table. Verdant eyes the beverage and says cheers to Harman, calling him a genuine saint of the gathering. Harman feels languid and sees 5-6 Soumya inside and out. He supposes he can’t deal with one and is seeing such huge numbers of Soumya. Vedant takes a gander at Harman and Soumya. Tu howdy mera khuda plays.

Servant Raju discloses to Harman that Harak Singh is calling you. Harman yells and says I would prefer not to go. He takes a drink from somebody’s hand and beverages it. Harman is tanked and holds Soumya’s hand. He leaves her hand and sings Gulabo, zara ittar girado. He moves. An artist comes and moves. Vedant grins seeing Harman moving and alcoholic. Vedant signs Raju to accomplish something. He keeps some powder in the lime soft drink and asks Harman to drink.

Harak Singh makes Harman drink lemon water worriedly. Vedant supposes I gave him cure of the prescription and says he will perceive what tamasha he did of himself. Harman feels much improved. Vedant requests that he see what he did. Harman sees the tables tumbled down and asks did I do this? Vedant says yes you did and solicits somebody to demonstrate the video from his tamasha. Numerous visitors demonstrate the video in the portable. Vedant says you host destroyed the get-together, vexed everybody and humiliated us.

He says in the event that you are embarrassed about your doing, at that point apologize to everybody. Preeto looks on furious. Vedant says individuals will overlook supposing you did this as you were flushed. He says slip-up is yours and no one turns out to be little by saying ‘sorry’ Harman tells that he didn’t do this deliberately and says sorry to learn. Bansal. He is as yet languid. He says sorry to learn and says might be he drank wrong beverage and says sorry. Vedant smiles and reviews Harman undermining him to express sorry to learn.

He supposes I made you state sorry in front of everybody and says he embarrassed him. Harman says sorry to learn. Soumya requests that he come. Harman says I will say sorry first. Vedant requests that her go and not to meddle. Harman keeps on saying ‘sorry’ A visitor asks Vedant for what good reason her colleague is a miracle. Harman blows up and says I didn’t do it purposefully. Vedant says he is our merchant and requests that he tune in to wholesaler quietly. Harak Singh asks Harman to come.

Vedant tells everybody that they are upset for the happenings. Harman, Harak Singh, and others are in the vehicle. Harman tells Harak Singh that he didn’t drink much then what befell him. He sees Soumya and asks harak Singh to stop the vehicle. He reveals to Soumya that he needs to comprehend what occurred in the gathering. He strolls out and about and discloses to Soumya that he needs to converse with him. All of a sudden a vehicle comes and hits Harman. Harman gets harmed and tumbles down out and about. Everybody is stunned.

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