Shakti 24 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Harak Singh Shouts Shera

Written Update: Shakti 24 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

Soumya comes to Harak Singh and asks him not to chide mummy ji and afterward says Preeto ji and says she is his mum and will never contemplate her. She says your and Preeto ji’s connection was excellent in that house. Harak Singh hears her and calls Preeto. Shanno picks the call and puts approach amplifier. Harak Singh tells that bahu rani asked him not to reprove her and furthermore said that their affection is delightful in the house and says Soumya is having mankind and love.

Shakti 24 June 2019 Episode

Shanno reveals to Preeto that kinnar needs to administer in this house from outside. Preeto inquires as to whether she did enchantment on Harak and Harman. Soumya brings tea. Harman will not drink. Harak Singh takes the cup. Harman says I will send the example till night and says on the off chance that you like it, at that point will trade it. Soumya approaches Servant to make tea for Harman. Harman requests that he keep less sugar. Soumya inquires as to why you didn’t take tea from my hand. Harman says I have nothing to do with you or your tea.

Kareena goes to Saya’s home and advises that she needs to get an opportunity. She says she needs to end up autonomous. Saya says we won’t give you any shot. Other kinnar requests that her think once and says Gurumaa will choose about her. Saya says alright and requests that they do their work. Vedant goes to the industrial facility. Harman says your plans are great and says it will be great in the market. Harman says you have picked these hues.

Shakti 24 June 2019 Episode

Vedant says however I disliking it now and requests that he make new toys and toss these toys. Harman says were to toss it. Vedant says I will endure misfortunes and advises that due date to fare toys tomorrow. Soumya requests that they have sustenance. Harman asks Harak Singh to get the crude materials. Soumya thinks how to make Harman have nourishment. Harak Singh reveals to her that the magnificence of Harman and her connection is that they remember to deal with one another.

Soumya requests that Worker call Harman to have nourishment. Laborer calls Harman to have sustenance. Harman cannot. Laborer genuinely extorts him and serve him dal and roti made by his significant other. Harman reviews Soumya preparing nourishment for him. He says you are fortunate to have sustenance made by your significant other, the Tiffin sent by the spouse is delectable. Soumya hears him. Harman brings another example of new stock and requests that he check the example. Vedant checks the sewing and says structure and shading are immaculate, however, sewing is awful. Harman says it is sewed by the machine and not by hand.

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