Shakti 20 June 2019 Written Update – Soumya comes running there and tries

Written Update: Shakti 20 June 2019 Written Update on

They go to the industrial facility to introduce it. Pandit ji breaks the coconut and requests that they take out their shoes and says you need to go shoeless today. Vedant asks Tarana to remove his shoes. Harman blows up. Soumya sits and removes his shoes.

Shakti 20 June 2019

He at that point requests that she lift the shoes and tail him. Bansal says what will you do with the shoes. Bansal says I will wear it inside as I am not venturing my foot down. Bansal says Tarana is your overseer and don’t come here to remove your shoes. Harak Singh and Harman blow up. Pandit ji asks Vedant not to affront a lady. Vedant says she isn’t a lady, yet a kinnar.

Everybody takes a gander at her. Harak Singh asks Harman to quiet down and says even I am irate, however, need to resist the urge to panic. Soumya lifts Vedant’s shoes and requests that he come. Vedant cuts the strip and gets inside with everybody. He keeps the coconut in the plant and asks soumya to make him wear his shoe once more. Soumya makes him wear shoes.

Shakti 20 June 2019

Bansal says we will go to the bank to finish the customs. They leave. Soumya requests that he get back home. He says he isn’t liable to her. Harman approaches soumya to get water for him. Vedant approaches her to get water for him. Soumya goes. Harman thinks about his words and removes his shoes. He requests that he apologize to Tarana else he will beat him and make him red. Harman takes Vedant out and about and requests that the state sorry.

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