Shakti 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Harman says Everything Ended. Written Update: Shakti 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

Soumya says she doesn’t need anything. Vedant says on the off chance that you don’t acknowledge it, at that point, I will believe that you didn’t excuse me. He loves orange saree for her. Soumya says she doesn’t care for the shading and approaches him to purchase something for himself. He requests to attempt once. A few goons come there and recognize Soumya as the equivalent kinnar.

Vedant blows up. Does the goon ask what he will do? Vedant asks Soumya to enable him to stand and slaps the goon. He tells that kinnar is likewise human like us and requests that he change his reasoning. Sindhu discloses to Raavi that Bhaiyya must be harmed seeing her holding Vedant’s hand to support him. Raavi says it is her activity, she can’t leave work. Sindhu says their connection will demolish.

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Raavi says Harman isn’t right and Soumya is getting rebuffed. Sindhu contends that Soumya is rebuffing him. Preeto hears them and thinks numerous individuals in the house are against Soumya. Soumya comes wearing orange saree. Businessperson says it is looking delightful. Vedant compliments her excellence and approaches her to choose a shirt for Harman.

Soumya asks the retailer to demonstrate the best shirt as it will be worn by the most attractive man. He goes out and offers cash to the goon for getting the slap. He supposes you are my propensity and joy. Vedant reveals to Soumya that he feels embarrassed about his doings and tells that he will bring frozen yogurt for her. Soumya says she will bring. Vedant says I don’t confide in myself and goes to get frozen yogurt. He brings ice cream and offers one to Soumya. Soumya eats the dessert.

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Kareena takes their pics. Harak Singh says what Harman would have felt when he sees Soumya with Vedant and says in some cases he feels that either God will join them or separate them until the end of time. Kareena sends a pic to Preeto. Preeto snickers and says somebody sent an&#u He brings i none;mar or the shadisut ethe equiv/a>

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