Shakti 19 June 2019 Written Update – Vedant asks did he misbehave with you

Written Update: Shakti 19 June 2019 Written Update on

Chameli sees Vedant and thinks to illuminate Saya. Vedant inquires as to whether it is all in all correct to send a major request. Harak Singh says yes. Preeto comes and says you won’t do manage Bansal and requests that he drop. She says you may go there and attempting to persuade Soumya. Harman says we won’t drop the arrangement. Soumya says you are simply acting to annoyed with your significant other. Preeto asks Harak Singh for what valid reason didn’t he let him know.

Shakti 19 June 2019

Harak Singh says I didn’t call Bansal or Harman additionally didn’t call him. He says bansal called me and when we went there, we met Soumya. He says it is a God’s sign that she was there. Harman says I will do arrangement regardless of whether I need to go there day by day and see Soumya’s day by day. He says leave whatever occurred between us.

Chameli asks Saya what they will do as Inspector said that Soumya can’t be safeguard. Saya says gives up to Mr. Bansal. Mr. Bansal gets stressed for Vedant and asks where is Tarana? Vedant comes there. Mr. Bansal asks where is Tarana? Vedant says in the event that I am her overseer and says she may have returned home.

Saya comes there and says you are lying. You have sent her to imprison. Mr. Bansal is stunned and asks where is Tarana? Vedant says Tarana was gotten by the Police for taking cell phone and inquires as to why he thinks about her. Saya tells Mr. bansal that Tarana can’t do this and says your child caught her. She creases her hands and requests that he help her to safeguard her out. Kinnars call Saya and tells that Soham is crying a ton. Saya requests that they make him calm by one way or another and asks Bansal to support her.

Bansal comes to police headquarters and demands to converse with Inspector. Constable says he isn’t here. Saya gets some information about Soham. Constable says sir will come in the first part of the day and afterward he can support you. Woman constable asks Saya and others to leave. Soumya stresses for Soham and cries. Soham is crying in the support.

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