Shakti 18 June 2019 Written Update – Vedant Brings Soumya to Park

Written Update: Shakti 18 June 2019 Written Update on

She handovers mangalsutra in his grasp and approaches him to look another person for it. Harman is stunned. He says I will drop you to Mr. Bansal’s home. Soumya says we have various ways now. Harman blows up and breaks the vase on floor. Soumya requests that he get the wrecked pieces.

Shakti 18 June 2019 Written Update

Harman inquires as to whether she perceived how Soumya responded. He says I thought when I request mangalsutra, she will battle and wear it. Saya says she felt terrible and returned mangalsutra. Harman says you are her mom.

Mr. Bansal is doing Lakshmi Pujan on his marriage commemoration. Hireling says why he does the puja for his significant other who left him years prior. Other Servant requests that he be tranquil. Vedant requests that he do the puja outside and says it is less of puja and more tamasha.

Mr. Bansal says I didn’t request that you do puja and says he is recollecting his significant other. Vedant says your significant other sold out you and left with somebody. He says you may feel pleased to recollect her, yet I feel embarrassed to call her as my mom.

Mr. bansal says I never attempted to change your musings and asks him not to meddle in his choices. He says your mum left me, however she gave me most valuable endowments to me. He says one is your sister Rekha and other is you. Vedant says Rekha may be blessing, yet I am dark spot as individuals snicker on me.

Mr. bansal asks where is Tarana? Vedant wreckage heaps up the puja stuff. Mr. Bansal says don’t do it and requests that he eat medication. Vedant requests that he stop the tamasha on the off chance that he needs him to turn out to be fine. Soumya keeps running inside and goes to room.

She brings prescription and water. Mr. Bansal holds Vedant’s hand and asks Soumya to cause him to eat. Vedant requests that he leave him. Soumya coercively feeds medication in his mouth. Harman comes and asks what’s going on here.

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