Shakti 18 April 2019 Written Episode – Employment To Mallika

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The Episode begins with Raavi and Soumya moving on the melody kudiyon. Sunaina and Sweety come there and turns off the music framework. They toss their glass bangles on Harak Singh’s family. Sunaina says you had sent Sukha to imprison for a long time and now again you have done foul play with him. Sweety says she was hitched to Varun, one month back and tells that she will deliver retribution from them and will make Harak Singh rub his nose on the floor, to ask in front of him.

Soumya slaps her hard and says I swear that I won’t let any inconvenience please my family. She asks her not to set out to come in her home once more. She holds their hands and tosses them out. She at that point bolts the entryway. Shakti melody plays. Sunaina and Sweety exhaust with annoyance. Harman, Harak Singh, Saya, and others applaud Soumya. Harman says you have demonstrated that you are Soumya Singh, yet tigress Singh.

Saya tells Harak Singh and Preeto that in view of their help, Soumya has turned out to be valiant and can confront any inconvenience, won’t acknowledge rout, yet battle. She says we will leave now and requests that they fare thee well. They all leave. Preeto says we will invest some energy with Soham and takes him with them. Soumya says we will likewise proceed to rest. Harman says I need to state you something, where no one goes back and forth.

He takes her to patio and tells that the judge on the sky will disclose to us his choice, and says these two frantic are made for one another, this birth, next and every one of the births. He says their Jodi will be called as Haya… Soumya says this is an excellent name. Harman asks did you need to state something? He holds her closer. Soumya says Gulabo cherishes you more. Harman says I cherish you more.

Soumya requests that he demonstrate. Harman jumps on the edge on the patio and says I cherish you frantically. She gets stressed and requests that he get down. He gets down. Soumya asks him not to do this once more. Harman says might be you cherish me more. He says we cherish each other similarly. Soumya says on the off chance that you do this constantly, at that point this won’t work. Harman says I won’t jump on there. Soumya grins.

Next morning, Soumya awakens and takes a gander at the infant. She awakens Harman. Harman asks her. Soumya tells that there will be case hearing today and need to give the verification. Harman requests that her give. Soumya kisses on his cheeks. He says this is your affection evidence and kisses on her temple. Tu hey Mera Khuda… .Harman says in the event that you need, at that point, I can give you more evidence. Harak Singh calls everybody. Harman says Harak Singh is Dushman party.

Preeto asks Harak Singh to state. Harak Singh says we will do our work without anyone else. Harman requests that he bring milk and says I will toss waste. Soumya and Raavi do the family unit work and Chacha will bring basic need from the market. Veeran says we will all work inside and out. Harman asks Soumya to clean the house and says I will toss the stuff. Saya comes there with others and tells that they will take every necessary step. Some assembly line laborers come there and tell Harak Singh that they won’t work in his processing plant since kinnar will remain with them. Harak Singh expresses gratitude toward them for working with them.

They all leave. Harak Singh tells that all of you will work with us, and will have regarded bread, and says all of you have upheld us, which no one did. Soumya expresses gratitude toward Harak Singh for major support. Harak Singh says it’s anything but some help. Saya says you have a major heart and seeing your change, we feel that individuals’ outlook will change too. Harak Singh says you are likewise human like us and says we will run the manufacturing plant out and out. Harak Singh gets milk from outside. Harman tosses refuse. Soumya bolsters child.

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