Shakti 17 June 2019 Written Update – Harman tells Soumya that

Written Update: Shakti 17 June 2019 Written Update on

Mr. Bansal welcomes them to come inside. Vedant says it appears you overlooked that day affront. Mr. Bansal says I need you to do the business which you like and requests that he recall that they won’t get great colleague than them and requests that he work together. He asks Servants for what good reason they are remaining in stun.

Shakti 17 June 2019

Vedant says that kinnar is rebuffed and says she don’t have habits not to contact other’s stuff. Harman gets some information about her. Vedant says she was his overseer. He requests that they welcome back. Soumya is strolling out and about and figures how do Harman realize that I work here. She calls Saya and gets some information about the location where I work?

Saya says I didn’t let him know despite the fact that he asked me. Soumya says they have come here to Mr. bansal’s home. Saya requests that her check herself. Mr. bansal comes there and helps Soumya to remember the guarantee. Soumya says Vedant kept blade on his neck and took steps to pass on the off chance that I am around her. Harman asks what is your guardian’s name.

Vedant says Tarangi..Tanu. Harman says Tarana..Vedant says she has so much frame of mind, more than lady have. Harman says portrayal is of Soumya. Mr. bansal brings Soumya there holding her hand.

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