Shakti 16 October 2020: Episode Written Update,

Written Update: Shakti 16 October 2020 episode.

The today 16th October 2020 episode starts, Soham telling that Virat may have to get Harak Singh captured and give a life sentence. Heer says on the off chance that Virat accomplishes something like this, at that point, I will take shots at him. Preeto inquires as to whether we as a whole are frantic here. Mahi requests that Heer come to the room and takes her inside. Preeto requests that Rohan call Harak Singh. Virat and Harak Singh drink wine.

Virat says when we are tanked then the brain rests and the heart opens up. He requests that he state what is his concern with Heer and his marriage. Harak Singh says I will leave. Does Virat request that he tell the issue? Harak Singh says there are many? Virat says you tally your issues individually and afterward I will tell the arrangements, and on the off chance that I proved unable, at that point I will never observe Heer’s face in my life. Harak Singh asks truly and requests that he guaranteed. Virat guarantees him.

Shakti 16 October 2020

Harak Singh says you realize that she is a and you are a man and asks what is the arrangement. Virat says love occurs between the hearts and I have soul association with her. He says Heer is God to him and not an issue. Harak Singh says when your family comes to think about this arrangement then they will execute Heer. Virat says I won’t let this occur and will remove her from here. Harak Singh says even my Shera attempted to shroud Soumya’s reality, yet couldn’t cover-up. He recalls everything and advises that they used to torment her, harmed her, revile her regular.

He says we recognize what had occurred with us and don’t need the equivalent to happen to your dad. We don’t need sin on our heads. Virat says I will disclose to them that I can’t turn into a dad, and says then no one inquiry Heer’s identify. Harak Singh says you are flushed and such choices are not taken in a lush state.

Virat asks him what he would have done if his child Harman Singh was standing in front of him and argued for his adoration. Harak Singh envisions Harman and gets passionate. Virat embraces Harak Singh and requests that he give his Heer to him. Harak Singh reviews Harman imploring him for Soumya’s life and telling that he has recently Soumya’s privilege at the forefront of his thoughts, heart, and body.

Preeto comes there and stops Harak Singh. She breaks their embrace and says the present kids believe that they can play with older folks’ feelings to accomplish what they need. Virat approaches her to remain back for a moment. He takes out something and tells that he had wine unexpectedly with his Dadu in the city. He says his Dadu used to feel cold and that is the reason he used to cover cloak on his Dadu. He covers Harak Singh with Shawl and says it isn’t my childishness, yet love. He goes.

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