Shakti 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Soumya Identifies Vedant

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The drama starts, She says today she is glad that Mata Rani is ensuring Heer in each progression and says today I am certain that Mata Rani will secure her consistently. She says she never needed to hurt anybody’s commitments, yet whatever happened today is a result of Mata Rani’s desire. She says I miss you a great deal and keeps the photograph edge back. Her pallu stalls out with his photograph outline.

She liberates it. Preeto comes there and says on the off chance that Harman would have been here, at that point he would have adored Heer more than us and asks her not to think a lot, says Mata Rani’s hand is her responsibility. Arjun brings Soham to Vedant, who is sitting as the holy person. Arjun requests that he see his hand and let him know. Vedant acts to see his hand and tells that you are securing a young lady and her family.

Soham says baba knows it all. Vedant takes a gander at Soham and requests that he demonstrate his hand. He says your mum consistently deals with your sister more than you and adore her all the more moreover. Soham says truly, I don’t care for it in some cases. Vedant asks do you need your mum to adore you more. Soham says I need my mum to adore us similarly. Vedant requests that her carry his sister to him, says he will blow the mystical spell on her then your mom will love you both similarly.

Shakti 15 October 2019 Episode

He requests that they go and says somebody is hanging tight for you at home. They leave. Arjun brings the leaves for Mahi. Shanno thinks currently there is no uncertainty that Heer is, Preeto requests that her offer Prasad to everybody. Shanno goes. Mahi says you have done the wrongdoing. Preeto asks Soumya to give the leaves to her and says I will treat Mahi’s leg. She approaches her to think about herself and says you got your foot sprained pointlessly. She says regardless of whether you get your head broken then just Preeto’s desire will be satisfied.

Mahi feels torment in her foot. A few men come to get cash for Ram leela. Harak Singh offers cash to them. Mahi thinks this opportunity will be great. Arjun thinks to educate Vedant to take a shot at his arrangement. Heer says we will go. Soumya considers this and you will likewise pass on with Ravan. I will do your Dahan. At the Ram leela’s place, plans are going on. Later at home, Harak Singh educates the children regarding Ravan and God Ram. He tells that God Ram terminated bolt at Ravan and executed him.

Heer asks when God Ram slaughtered him then for what valid reason do we consume his model. Soumya comes and says Ravan is the image of evilness and they consume Ravan with the goal that decency wins from malice and harmony comes in this world. Mahi gets Vedant’s call and goes to his call. He advises that he has made game plans to hijack Heer.

She says she don’t trust yelping hounds and requests that he chomp then just she will trust him. He says he will tear her on the off chance that she acts up with him. He requests that her send Soumya’s pic to him. Mahi sends him pic. Vedant gazes Soumya’s pic, when the entryway chime rings. He opens the entryway thinking everybody came? Soumya comes there. He requests that her come inside. Soumya asks who are you and how you know my name? Chameli and different kinnars come there.

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