Shakti 14 June 2019 Written Update – Preeto Threatens To Burn Herself

Written Update: Shakti 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Preeto goes to the kitchen and takes the lamp fuel oil can. Raavi, Shanno, and others are stunned. Preeto brings lamp fuel oil and matchstick to the corridor and pours on herself. Saya attempts to stop her. Preeto says in the event that anybody draws close to me, at that point I will consume myself. Saya asks Raavi to consent to your mum’s maxims and go from that point. Raavi says I won’t be extorted today and says wouldn’t you be able to see that Harman left Soumya as a result of you and she moved toward becoming Gurumaa.

Shakti 14 June 2019

Preeto inquires as to whether she is accompanying her. Saya requests that her go. Raavi will not go. Preeto says I am requesting last time and tosses the match stick on the floor to consume herself. Soumya comes and puts water on Preeto. Preeto and everybody is stunned. Soumya says in the event that the flame had to get you, at that point. Preeto says what to do, my child is after you and my girl is remaining here. Soumya says I can’t do anything. Saya asks Raavi to go with Preeto. Raavi says I can’t go from here.

Shakti 14 June 2019

She asks Soumya not to send her with Preeto. Soumya holds Raavi’s hand and requests that her go. She says she would prefer not to be accused that individuals pass on due to her. She says she needs to carry on with her life calmly and requests that she leave. Raavi says I would prefer not to go with Maa. Preeto quits hearing Soham crying and attempts to take a gander at him. She made Soham calm when he is crying. Soham giggles. Fb closes. Preeto inquires as to why Soham isn’t kept in the support and says he gets tranquil rest in support.

She at that point holds Raavi’s hand again and goes. Soumya checks the garments and says it is lovely. Entryway chime rings. Chameli opens the entryway. Harman comes there and says Soumya, at that point, says Param master maa Tarana. He inquires as to why you haven’t offered Soham to my mum when she came here. Soumya says on the off chance that she didn’t advise that she attempted to consume herself here. Harman says you have effectively consumed our lives.

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