Shakti 12 June 2019 Written Update – Harman comes to Mr. Bansal’s house

Written Update: Shakti 12 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Harman bringing Saya to his lobby and discloses to her that today is Soumya’s birthday and they are doing the courses of action since morning. He says our romantic tale began when I abducted her mixed up her to be Surbhi. Saya says Soumya went for employment and says I will converse with her. She calls Soumya. Vedant requests that her go now.

Soumya picks the call. Saya reveals to her that Harman has composed her birthday festivities in a lobby and requests that her come there quick. Soumya takes a gander at Vedant and says I can’t come, I am on work. Raavi asks Harman to bring her. Saya says she won’t come. Harman accepts the call. Soumya closes the call. Harman says what she considers herself. Saya says she is Param Gurumaa now and need to do her obligations well and requests that he get it. Harman gets agitated.

Saya thinks Harman cherishes her so much and preeto needs to isolate them even subsequent to knowing this. Harak Singh brings gajra and makes Preeto wear it. He helps her to remember the old happenings. Preeto says we used to discuss children and dream. Harak Singh says we don’t reserve the privilege to break our fantasies and says this separation show, and asks what was the need to isolate Harman and Soumya, he says they will never separate. Preeto inquires as to whether Rajat let you know.

Harak Singh says our family will break and asks her not to do anything. Preeto takes out the gajra and provides for him. She says whatever she is doing is correct. Saya discloses to them that Soumya is vulnerable and can’t come. Preeto and Shanno come there. Preeto takes a gander at Saya furiously and afterward at the beautifications and Soumya’s picture. She drives the table down.

Raavi asks what’s going on with you and attempts to stop her. Preeto says what is the utilization of this. Shanno grins. Preeto ruins the adornments. Harman leaves in outrage. Shanno says you would have revealed to us that Maharani’s birthday is praised here so we would have come to have cake. Raavi asks what you will get by breaking the things. Preeto requests that her come else she will break her moreover. She hauls her to bring home.

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