Shakti 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Preeto Slaps Shanno but why?

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The Episode begins with Soumya doing Mata Rani’s aarti while others stand collapsing their hands. She says Jai Mata Di. Harak Singh says Jai. Soumya offers aarti to Heer first and petitions God for world’s best bliss to her. Heer offers aarti to Soumya and wishes same for her. Soham asks Soumya to give nourishment. Soumya says alright.

Heer takes aarti plate from her hand and gets her hand consumed. Soumya gets stressed and blows on her hand. She says you got your hand consumed and says she will take care of her. Soham yells calling Soumya and says he is ravenous. He sees Soumya thinking about Heer much. Shanno comes to Soham and says this isn’t right, you call her mom, yet her protective love is for Heer.

Soham says so what, Heer is my sister. Shanno says you are little, tells that heer isn’t his sister. Soham asks him not to say like that. Shanno approaches did Soumya stress for him much and requests that he ask Soumya to cause him to sit on her lap and feed him nourishment. She says Soumya won’t cause you to sit on her lap as that spot is of Heer.

Shakti 10 October 2019

Soham comes to Soumya is nourishing nourishment to Heer while Rohan is eating nourishment from his plate. Soham comes to Soumya and demands to sit on her lap and eat nourishment. Soumya says alright and requests that he sit on her other leg, yet he won’t. He asks Heer to get down from Soumya leg. Soumya requests that he sit on her lap and says she will cause them two to eat nourishment.

Soham blows up and goes from that point. Heer will not eat as well. Shanno figures now she can enquire Heer’s reality. Soham is in his room and thinks about Shanno’s words. Soumya comes to him and asks what she is showing him since years. Soham says you simply care for her and says he would prefer not to converse with her. Soumya requests that he quiet down and hear him out. Soham says she would prefer not to tune in. Soumya blows up and lifts her hand. Preeto stops her and takes her from that point.

shanno takes Heer to her room on the appearance of causing her to eat nourishment. Mahi sees her taking her and figures truth will turn out. Preeto and Soumya descend and gets some information about heer. Mahi says she went upstairs. Shanno asks Heer to have some nourishment. Heer will not eat nourishment, yet Shanno requests that her eat. Heer says alright. Shanno causes her to eat nourishment and afterward makes her beverage water. She spills water purposefully on her garments and after that says sorry.

She figures she will know her mystery now. Heer says I will wipe it. Preeto and Soumya search heer in each room. Vedant calls Soumya and says he is hanging tight for her energetically. Soumya says your hold up will at long last end and it will be our last meet. Vedant says I have my eyes on all of you and parts of the bargains. Preeto asks what did he say?

Shakti 10 October 2019

Soumya says he said that his eyes are on us. Rohan comes there. Soumya asks did you see Heer? Rohan says no. They worriedly search Heer. Shanno asks Heer to take off her garments and wraps herself with towel. She at that point bolts the entryway. Heer gets stunned and thumps on the entryway asking Gulabo to open the entryway. Shanno inquires as to for what reason are you thumping on the entryway. Everybody comes there hearing Heer yelling asking Soumya to open the entryway. Harak Singh asks Shanno to open the entryway. Shanno opens the entryway.

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