Shakti 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Harman calls Soumya & Tells

Written Update: Shakti 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

That classic and awaited episode Shakti 1 July 2019 begins, Sindhu inquires as to whether she needs them to join together. Saya gives the number. Sindhu calls Soumya and requests that her join with Harman and says on the off chance that you avoid him, at that point your connection will bite the dust. Preeto comes and slaps Sindhu. She chides her for calling Soumya and inquires as to whether she needs her sibling to bite the dust. She accepts the call and asks Soumya to deal with her Kinnear’s home.

Kareena meets Vedant behind the sanctuary. Vedant says you were in Tarana’s home. Kareena says yes. She asks what is in Tarana that you contacted her home. He inquires as to for what reason did she call him. Kareena says Tarana got every one of the things, spouse, family, and child. She says she ought to have progressed toward becoming Gurumaa. Vedant says you will get Gurumaa’s seat and gets some information about their connection. She tells that they have received Soumya’s sister child and recounts about the court story.

Shakti 1 July 2019 Episode

She demonstrates paper in which Soumya and Harman’s news is distributed. Vedant is stunned. He supposes neither Harman nor Soumya let him know. He supposes he was extremely stressed for Tarana and she was of another person. He supposes he loves her yet she is Harman’s better half. He says Soumya will work with him and he will deliver retribution from Harman.

He supposes Soumya is his propensity and he won’t let Soumya leave from him. Preeto slaps Kareena realizing she enlightened Vedant regarding Soumya and Harman’s connection. Kareena says she needs to expand her inconveniences. Preeto says I need to destroy Soumya, yet won’t let anything happen to Harman. She says what Vedant will believe that my child is hitched to a kinnar. Soumya is strolling out and about pondering Sindhu’s words. Vedant is following her and requests that the driver stop the vehicle.

He gets down from his vehicle and asks Soumya to go to his home. Soumya says I would prefer not to work for you. He says sorry and says I won’t get out of hand with you any longer. He says I went to your home and came to realize that you were bearing my bad conduct. He says father told that he won’t bring overseer for me and says on the off chance that she goes, at that point he will believe that his life is annoyed with him.

Shakti 1 July 2019 Episode

He hacks. Soumya causes him to have water. Varun requests that she accompany him to see Harman and says father has said that Harman returned home. He says in the event that I don’t see him, at that point, it won’t be great as my picture is as of now terrible. Soumya requests that he go. Vedant demands her to accompany him. Harak Singh is going to meet Bansal. Harman says I will accompany you.

Preeto says you won’t go anyplace. Entryway ringer rings. Preeto opens the entryway and sees Vedant and Soumya. Vedant says we achieved the correct location at last. Does Harman inquire as to why you came here? Vedant says father educated me concerning your mishap so I requested that she take me here. He says Tarana is his overseer and takes him any place he needs. Everybody comes here.

Vedant asks Soumya to come inside. She is going to venture inside and stops. Harman requests that she come inside. Soumya comes inside and welcomes everybody. Vedant says Dad is correct, your father is exceptionally extravagant like a dim haveli.

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