Sanjivani 5 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Ishani Meets Hooded Stranger

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A hooded fellow pursues Asha. Ishani crashes into him. She says sorry. He goes. Rishabh says Sid is correct, he was dating Ishani and Asha, he is a casanova, his degree is phony. Rahil asks do you think Sanjivani contracts specialists with the counterfeit degree, we as a whole realize that Sid is the best specialist, we ought not to engage in his own issue, don’t state gibberish, he is a superior specialist. Rishabh figures one day I will make you and Sid tumble down. Ishani goes to the bistro and requests nourishment.

She says what do I need to do by remaining solid. She sees the vada pau and reviews Sid. Sid asks Asha to have homemade nourishment. He requests that she take prescriptions. Asha says I overlooked drugs at home. Sid requests that she have nourishment, else he will bolster her by his hands. She says I will eat the nourishment, you get the medications. Sid likewise arranges vada pau with additional chutney. He reviews Ishani. Ishani sees a similar person taking a gander at Asha. She proceeds to ask who are you.

Sanjivani 5 November 2019

The person leaves. Sid asks Asha to have nourishment. Ishani goes to see. The medical caretaker says I have seen that person following Asha, will we educate security. Ishani says I will see, much obliged. She sees CCTV cameras. She says I will check it. The guard leaves from the room. Ishani gets in. She sees the person following Asha. She says who is he, show your face, God help us, this person thinks about the CCTV cameras, I need to caution security. She calls the gatekeeper and requests that he discover the person wearing the hoodie.

She says I will discover and not let you do anything incorrectly. She goes. The person goes to assault her. Sid hears the gatekeepers discussing Ishani going alone to discover the person. Sid believes is she in a difficult situation. The person focuses blade at Ishani’s neck. She requests that he fend off it, who is he. Sid thinks I trust nothing happens to her. Ishani battles with the person. She tosses the dirt at him.

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