Sanjivani 16 October 2019 Written Episode Update – Stay Away, Sid Warns Ishani

Written Update: Sanjivani 16 October 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Rahil adulating Sid and Ishani’s Jodi. Ishani sees Sid and her heart thumps quicker. She says I need to take drugs and goes. Sid goes. Rahil jokes that he got the name composed. He does Shayari. Sid gets stunned seeing Ishani’s name on his hand.

Vardaan comes to Anjali. He demonstrates the hoops and asks how is it. She reprimands him. She says I don’t need anything, avoid me. He says Anjali, I got this for Jessica, marriage blessing, I was simply indicating it to you, I don’t care to approach you and get offended, I have attempted to remain away, don’t have the foggiest idea why, I don’t remain away, I have apologized to you, sorry Anjali, I won’t be sorry to learn my emotions. She says I m not intrigued if you don’t mind quit making me awkward.

Sanjivani 16 October 2019

She goes. He thinks nothing will occur if, I act like the legend, I need to think something important. Sid reviews Ishani. He gets stunned. Rahil says you both are infatuated, Ishani’s adoration can be seen for long, you likewise state it, you are enamored. Sid says no, this can’t occur. Rahil gets stunned.

Anjali considers Juhi and hits the glasses. She blows up. She thinks I vented resentment on Vardaan, I need to converse with him. She goes to Vardaan. She says I pardon you. He expresses profound gratitude. She requests that he come. She holds his hand. She figures now father will know my agony. He figures I didn’t have the foggiest idea about this flash will transform into adoration unexpectedly early.

Sid says one who knows the aftereffect of adoration flees from it. He scratches his hand to evacuate Ishani’s hand. Rahil stops him. Ishani sees Sid’s name on her hand. Asha grins and prods her. Sid says torment, distress, depression, passing acknowledged, yet I don’t acknowledge love.

Asha says I will tell Sid. Ishani says no, don’t go. Asha says you are befuddled, I will go to him. Ishani requests that her stop. Rahil says I wasn’t not kidding, Guddu was kidding. Sid leaves. Rahil thinks I never observed Sid like this. Ishani slams into Sid. They fall over the bean pack, that blasts out.

Ishani says I m sorry, I didn’t see. He sees his name in her Mehendi. He pushes her aside and gets up. He chides her. She cries. He says I would prefer not to see you all over, avoid me. He proceeds to think I chastened Ishani, it’s my error additionally, I ought to have not reinforced with her that she begins to look all starry eyed at me, I need to remain away and prevent the past from rehashing. Ishani cries.

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