Sanjivani 11 September 2019 Episode Written Update: Exposed Ishani’s?

Written Update: Sanjivani 11 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

What happened in today episode? check out Sanjivani 11 September 2019 Episode Written Update online. The episode begins, Sid says Vardaan. Shashank says conceivable. Vardaan says I m not a specialist, yet I know to treat such illness. Rishabh and Vardaan drink. Sid says Vardaan can tumble to any level, I won’t let him win, I need to explain to Ishani. The medical caretaker says Sid ought to have not done this.

Juhi says Sid is honest until his wrongdoing is demonstrated. They see a man Rajat getting a woman to the clinic. Juhi says its a dynamic case. Juhi goes to them. Rajat asks them to simply organize a room and Daai, they need an ordinary conveyance. The woman says we don’t need any medical procedure. Juhi presents herself and says we won’t drive you for the medical procedure until there are difficulties.

Sanjivani 11 September 2019

Sid sits tight for Ishani. He says I simply abhor Ishani. Rahil says you abhor her, that is the reason you are pausing. Sid says you realize I was with Vardaan that day when this occurred. Ishani goes to the emergency clinic and thinks about her fantasy and adolescence. Sid sees her and rushes to her. He says I didn’t put the blurbs, I was with Vardaan around then, you can ask Rahil. She goes.

The woman Meenakshi will not complete any test. Rajat says I will take her home. Meenakshi swoons. Anjali checks her and says the child’s pulse isn’t there, sign on this structure soon. Ishani comes to Juhi and says I know there were numerous issues as a result of me, I would prefer not to work under Dr. Sid, move me to some other group. Juhi says fine, proceed to help Anjali at the present time. Ishani expresses gratitude toward her and goes.

Juhi says Sid, I know you both are a decent group, at the present time you both can’t cooperate. Vardaan says yes Dr. Rahul, you will get your exceptional room soon, none will know, I have them stuck in their very own issues, they will be occupied. Ishani comes to Anjali. Anjali says you are gifted, you would be keen like your folks, I trust your expectations haven’t cared for them, I was kidding. Ishani gets stunned and says this wasn’t a joke.

Sanjivani 11 September 2019

Anjali and Ishani work the infant. They get stunned. Ishani says there isn’t a child inside the stomach. Sid says I need to check CCTV. Guardian says you need to realize who stuck blurbs, even Dr. Juhi had come to check, yet somebody erased the recording. Sid checks and says no chance. Rahil says there will be some confirmation, gives up and check. Anjali says I simply read about it, I m seeing it now, Phantom pregnancy, you think about it. Ishani says truly, a lady expects and there is no pregnancy, it’s a phony pregnancy.

Anjali says quit imagining now. Ishani says I will be back, I will advise this to her better half. Anjali says it will be dubious, allowed me to deal with. Anjali and Ishani go out to Rajat. He asks how is Meenakshi, where is my infant, is it a kid or young lady.

Anjali says hear me out, Meenakshi was rarely pregnant, there was no infant in her stomach. Rajat says Meenakshi was correct, she didn’t wish to result in these present circumstances emergency clinic. He irately slaps Anjali. Juhi requests that he stop it, e can’t lift a hand on a specialist. The man sees Ishani and reviews blurbs. He says you are a killer’s girl, you slaughtered my infant. He slaps Ishani.

Sanjivani 11 September 2019

He says I won’t leave all of you. Anjali says the case will be documented on you for lifting a hand on a specialist. Ishani gets dismal and goes to do the guide. Asha comes and does the guide. Asha says nobody has an option to reveal to you anything. Asha says my criminal guardians gave this privilege to everybody.

Rahil says there is no hint. Sid says truly, considerably printer history is erased. Rahil says this man is a specialist sequestered from everything character, did anybody originate from outside. Sid figures who can do this.

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