Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5 April 2019 Written Update – Jigna Stole Jewelry

Written Update: Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5 April 2019 Written Update on

Ishika comes to police headquarters. All look on. Ishika inquires as to whether all is well? Roop thinks wish Ishika didn’t do this. Himani says Roop says Jigna stole your gems. Ishika says you stoop so low? Roop says you stooped low by conflicting with me. Ishika says I will successfully spare Jigna in light of the fact that her sibling has neglected to ensure her. All are in the panchayat, Shamsher says my sibling kept his words. I am prepared to give Jigna back to Dinesh. He asks Jigna to sign on legal documents. Roop stops him and says she won’t sign legal documents and won’t return to Dinesh. Ishika supposes I think he is back.

Dinesh’s dad says you individuals are tricking us, Himani is here to tell about assurance orders. Himani says he is correct, Jigna and Manish are under police insurance also, on the off chance that anybody attempt to constrain, at that point you realize we will make a move. She leaves from that point. Ishika says I am a human first so I needed to secure blameless ones here. Shamsher folds his hand and says I am heartbroken, I couldn’t keep my assertion, you can rebuff me. Dinesh’s dad that just individual to blame is Ishika, our discipline is to toss stones at in front of all, we need to rebuff her freely so no ladies attempt this once more. Ishika says I am prepared for this discipline yet would I be able to make an inquiry?

Why man needs ladies to keep up his regard? Why does lady need to hold up under his maltreatment to keep his regard? Dinesh guaranteed to deal with Jigna however he beat her, mishandled her, did he feel disgrace? did anybody feel hurt? no, all of you felt hurt when she left him and wedded Manish, you individuals are embarrassed to see her joy? men can do anything besides ladies is futile for you, men’s reasoning is that ladies simply tail them, they cannot make any move for their regard since it harms your sense of self?

Ishika asks Jigna to not cry, you are not wrong, their reasoning isn’t right, we get quiet to keep up regard of men, on the off chance that we begin rendering retribution for all torment, at that point you individuals will know. The man says don’t divert her. Ishika says I am making inquiries which Roop used to ask, he used to regard ladies, presently you think its entitlement to beat a lady openly? I am prepared to get beaten in light of the fact that I need to demonstrate that lady are able, I need my significant other to choose, let me know Roop, love or phony regard? The man says he won’t state anything. Roop says I regard my dad’s regard, whoever is at solicitation ought to be rebuffed. Does Kamla say what are you doing Roop? Ishika says abandon it, I will regard my better half’s desires, I am prepared.

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