Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30 April 2019 Written Update – Ishika Decides To Not Divorce Roop

Written Update: Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30 April 2019 Written Update on

Roop demonstrates Ishika’s video to her. Ishika says this isn’t right, I need to demonstrate you something as well. Does Roop say you will demonstrate a shred of phony evidence against Shamsher now? why you detest him to such an extent? you think he isn’t right at that point given him a chance to be as you are not part of my family, I am beginning new life so don’t stop me. He calls Shamsher inside. Shamsher comes there and says don’t get me this. Roop says I need to wed Seva and begin a new life. Ishika says I made you sign those legal documents however at this point I won’t let this separation occur at any expense.

Shamsher feels that I will ensure this separation occurs. Ishika goes to her home and reviews her recollections with Roop. She goes to her café. Jigna, Kinjal, and Himani come there. Jigna says we became more acquainted with what Shamsher did, we are with you. Ishika says Roop needs all of you more, Shamsher will mentally program him. Jigna says why not disclose to his truth? Ishika says its better to demonstrate him adore, Jigna says today is Roop’s haldi with Seva. Ishika says I have directly on that haldi and his haldi will be connected to me as it were.

Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30 April 2019 Written Update

Ishika goes to Roop’s home. Bua says today is Roop’s haldi with great young lady, tomorrow he will wed her, leave now. Ishika says hear me out first when I didnt separate Roop then how might he wed another person? This can send you to imprison, its unlawful. Roop requests that she leave. Ishika says I am as yet your legitimate spouse Mrs. Ishika Waghela. She sees haldi and says lets begin service. She applies haldi to him and rubs her cheek on his. She says it was my haldi and I got it, my dear hubby I had your string and will stay in my grasp, she leaves. Roop says Ishika will sign legal documents so get ready for marriage.

Roop comes to Ishika and says sign on legal documents. Ishika says you are in café so cook with me, would it be advisable for us to make Idli and sambar? She pulls him inside and says you are my better half so help me. She pulls him closer and says check this formula, I don’t know much. Roop tastes it and says salt is less. Ishika brings it. She brings cook cape for him. Roop says have you gone frantic? Ishika says yes I am frantically enamored with you. Roop says hear me out. Ishika says you hear me out and I will hear you out. She makes him wear to cover and culinary expert cape. Roop encourages her in cooking. Ishika grins at him and plays with him, ishq tha plays. Shamshar and Bua sees them in eatery and are stunned. Ishika grins at Roop. Shamsher says this young lady wont listen this way, he calls somebody there.

Roop says to Ishika that currently hear me out, she says no. Roop says this isn’t reasonable. An administrator comes there and says to Ishika that you took credit for this café yet we have to discover on the off chance that you are qualified for advance or not. Roop says she doesnt need to take the advance, I will orchestrate cash for her however she needs to sign legal documents. Ishika says a couple have it all together, whats yours is mine as well. She tells financiers that my better half is with me, we will get work. Kanchan comes there and says we have enormous request. Ishika informs financiers don’t stress regarding advance, we have work, they gesture and leave. Roop says you wont hear me out? She says work me. He leaves from that point.

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