Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3 May 2019 Written Update – Shamsher Shoots Roop

Written Update: Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3 May 2019 Written Update on

Shamsher says to Ishika that I needed to capture you, I will demonstrate some fact to Roop which will make him loathe you then he will wed Seva, they will free you at that point. Ishika says this isn’t right, my dad in law needs to execute me. Shamsher says you offended us, never tuned in to us, you are not my little girl in law, you will keep Roop far from me, I dont have some other way. Roop is outside nook with Seva, he hears somebody and returns inside. He sees goon available to come back to work who says that I did your work. He checks his telephone and is staggered. Roop comes to Seva and says my dad got you hijacked not Ishika. He supposes Shamsher put that letter in dhaba as well.

Ishika is attached to seat and supposes she needs to accomplish something. She calls goon and says I need to go to washroom. Goon liberates her be that as it may, Ishika gets blade from floor and keeps running from that point. Goon calls Shamsher and says Ishika ranaway. Shamsher says pursue her, I am coming to old godown. Roop covers up and hears it. Ishika is fleeing from goons however Roop comes there and begins beating goons. Shamsher comes there with weapon.

He focuses it at Ishika yet Roop comes infront of her and gets shot. Shamsher and Ishika rushes to him. Roop is tipsy. Shamsher reviews his minutes with Roop and says I shot my child.. who never denied me anything.. put his family on line for me. state something, I am heartbroken, I did everything to isolate you both, I didnt know Roop adored you so much, I shouldnt keep dreams that put my child in risk, I will leave all fantasies. Roop stops him and says I dont have any resentment against you. Ishika says me as well.

Roop returns home in the wake of getting treatment. All relatives ask what was the deal? Shamsher says my child needed to tolerate for my slip-ups, I am sorry to learn. Roop says let the past stay in the past, you are mainstay of this house, we as a whole cherish you. Bua asks Seva to bring juice. Shamsher says to family that I am transformed, I need to declare something and illuminate a few things, I have a shock. Seva believe that it will my and Roop’s wedding date. Shamsher says to Kamla that bring my check book, she does. He gives her check and requests that her proceed with her dhabba, you began it to help me, I am glad that I am Kamla’s significant other.

Kamla is staggered. Shamsher brings books and says Kinjal you won’t wed before getting to be electrical specialist. She contacts his feet. Shamsher gives Dinesh’s legal documents and says you have a place with Manish. Manish comes there. Shamsher says you merit a person like him. Himani says whats for me? Shamsher gives her identification back and says do right by me, when we have girls like you then children are not required, you will all call me dad starting now and into the foreseeable future. They all embrace him.

Roop says you have satisfied all of us. Shamsher says we will all be upbeat in light of Ishika. He indicates him gourmet specialist cape and says you needed to satisfy this fantasy at that point proceed. He says there is one more astonishment, you will get hitched today as it were. Seva supposes he will take her name. Shamsher says Roop will wed a lioness who can tail him, he will wed Ishika who is made for him, they will wed, I am sorry Ishika. Ishika and Roop contacts his feet. All leave. Bua is strained. Seva drops squeeze on floor in stun.

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