Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2 May 2019 Written Update – Ishika Tries To Stop Roop’s Wedding

Written Update: Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2 May 2019 Written Update on

Himani reveals to Bua that everything is prepared. Himani discloses to Kamla that we need to take Seva to market to purchase a wedding dress. Seva comes to mandir with Roop’s sisters. Ishika comes there and says I have your wedding dress Seva, I need to disclose to you that I adore Roop a great deal, you can spare our adoration, stop this marriage. Seva says I cannot do it, I am defenseless, Shamsher did favors on my family, I don’t have ideal to state no to this marriage. Ishika says please consider my adoration, she gives her wedding dress. Seva leaves. Himani asks Ishika to not to lose trust. Bua sees all that.

Shamsher says to Roop that Ishika is endeavoring to persuade Seva to state no to marriage. Dont let her stop it. Roop comes to Seva and inquires as to whether Ishika constrained her to stop this marriage? She gestures. Seva says would you be able to answer me also? Is it genuine that you still Ishika? Roop says truth is that I am wedding you, do everything from unadulterated heart. He leaves. Roop sits in mehndi function. Bua makes Jigna, Himani and Kinjal move in his capacity. Visitor asks where is lady of the hour? Ishika comes there. Roop looks on. Bua carries Seva and influences her to sit with Roop. Ishika is in tears. Himani supports her. Ishika begins singing mehdni hai rachne wali.

She is in torment yet moves around Roop and Seva. She wipes her tears and endeavor to be glad for them. Roop looks on. Around evening time, Bua says to Shamsher that Roop still adores Ishika, he can pull out finally time, consider the possibility that his heart dissolves toward the end. Shamsher says I wont give that a chance to occur, I will prevent Ishika from doing anything, he reveals to her an arrangement. During the evening, Ishika and Roop review their minutes together and grin taking a gander at moon. Ishq tha plays. Roop is remaining outside house. Ishika comes there. They envision their spirits embracing one another and admitting their affection yet Roop turns away.

In morning, Roop goes to Ishika’s eatery. He doesnt see Ishika and sees letter there. He understands it, Ishika composes that I am leaving this dhabba and your life, you made me take a gander at life from various point, I will live with our recollections, your adoration made me more grounded, sorry I cannot see you wedding another person so I cannot remain. Roop looks on. Seva is in market with Roop’s sisters yet somebody comes in van and seizes Seva. Jigna calls Roop and discloses to him that Seva was grabbed. Roop requests van number, Jigna tells it. Roop follows area.

Roop comes to area. Its a lair, Seva is abducted there. Roop beat goons and asks who requested that you hijack her? Goon says Ishika requested that I abduct her. He demonstrates her Ishika’s photograph. Roop feels that I never thought Ishika would stoop so low. He liberates Seva and takes her from that point. Ishika is seized and attached to seat. She awakens and shouts. She is paralyzed to see Shamsher there.

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