Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2 April 2019 Written Update – Roop Arrested?

Written Update: Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2 April 2019 Written Update on

Scene – 1

Roop conveys Jigna and Manish to Shamsher. Does Kamla say what’s going on with you? Roop says they will separate from one another tomorrow and you can send Jigna to Dinesh. Himani comes there and says it won’t occur. Shamsher requests that she leave. Himani says I am performing my responsibility. Bua says its a family matter. Himani says I will capture you for attempting to stop police. Himani comes to Roop and says Roop will be captured for constraining Jigna and Manish to remain here. Does Roop say who documented grumbling? Ishika says Flass I did it. Roop says how could you? Ishika says we must be more right than wrong to be a family, I will do everything to secure this family. Does Kamla say you are influencing your significant other to get captured? Ishika says I am hanging tight for him to return.

Ishika asks Roop to let Jigna and Manish go and she will take her FIR back. He says I won’t do it. Himani is going to capture Roop however Jigna says no, he didn’t drive us, we came here individually. Ishika says what are you saying? He constrained you to take separately. Roop says to Himani that you offended me, I can grumble about you not carrying out your responsibility. Does Himani inquire as to whether he constrained her? Jigna cries and shakes her head. Himani says sorry to learn and leaves. Ishika asks Jigna for what reason she didn’t tell truth? Flashback demonstrates how Roop said that he will decimate Manish, he will make his life damnation so they won’t be upbeat, you need him to languish over life? fine at that point.

Scene – 2

Jigna says no. Manish says don’t stop him. Jigna says I can tolerate anything other than I cannot give your life a chance to be obliterated as a result of me, in the event that you adore me, at that point let me go. Flashback closes. Jigna says he made our home and he broke it. Roop returns and says don’t state excessively, you both will remain in a room. He takes Jigna from that point. Ishika is strained. Roop secures Jigna and Manish a room, he asks Kamla to let her know to not take a stab at anything, he leaves. Ishika says he battled as long as he can remember for rights and how he is getting along this.

Ishika comes to kitchen and reviews Roop’s activities, he is strained. Erroneously container tumbles from her hands, she cuts her hand. Kamla comes there and wipes it. Kamla says its a men society, they like us in the kitchen yet don’t like to give us regarding. Ishika says let everything be for what it’s worth. Kamla leaves. Kinjal comes there and says I don’t comprehend what to do, all are against Jigna and Manish. Ishika says now panchayat will help Jigna. She discloses to her an arrangement.

Dinesh says to his dad that their regard will be decimated. Roop comes there. Does Dinesh say what dramatization you have? Roop says I will give Jigna back to you. He approaches him. Kinjal discloses to Kamla that she is setting off to companion’s home to ponder. Shamsher says work in the kitchen. Kinjal says it’s vital if you don’t mind let me go. He says alright. Ishika offers go-ahead to her.

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