Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1 May 2019 Written Update – Ishika Divorces Roop

Written Update: Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1 May 2019 Written Update on

Haldi function begins. Bua asks Roop for what valid reason he isn’t prepared? Roop says haldi cant occur, Ishika denied marking on legal documents. Ishika comes there with band and says we ought to celebrate together. Roop says stop it. Bua says leave from here. Ishika says you need desserts? your tongue is severe. Ishika gets call and says what? I am coming, she keeps running from that point. Roop looks on. Ishika comes to police headquarters. She asks monitor for what valid reason Kanchan is in prison?

Officer says she was transporting drugs in lunchboxes. Ishika says no that must be a misconception. Shamsher comes there and says no, this is drugs case and she may go to imprison for a long time. Ishika inquires as to why he is doing this? Shamsher says you free my child and I will free your mom. Ishika goes to Roop’s house and says I am prepared to sign legal documents. Roop says now you are on way. Ishika cries and requests pen. Roop offers it. Ishika takes it and signs on papers while reviewing their adoration minutes. Roop is harmed as well. Ishika offers papers to him and says congratulations on your new life. Roop says to Shamsher that now festivities will begin.

He says to Ishika that my marriage is going on in 2 days, you are our visitor, you will come right? Ishika says you need that? anything for you, I will come. Bua says you are a piece of marriage so would you be able to help us in working? It would be ideal if you set stage for Roop and Seva, you need desserts for sharpness as well? Ishika says I am fine with torment now. Roop goes to prepare. Ishika begins brightening house. Kamla is in tears as well. Bua requests that her work quick. Roop comes there dressed for haldi. He unfortunately takes a gander at Ishika. Shamsher says to Roop that come here. He influences him to sit with Seva.

Ishika is in tears. Bua says we will apply haldi to Roop and afterward to Seva. All relatives do customs while Seva looks on. Ishika swings to leave however Bua solicits her to be part from their bliss and apply haldi to them. Ishika goes to Roop and applies haldi on hs face. Kamla takes off haldi from Roop’s face. She quietly gives haldi blossom to Ishika and applies it on Seva. Ishika looks on. Bua calls her. She applies haldi to Seva and keeps running from that point. Kanchan says to Ishika that you got first haldi blossom, dont lose trust, you need to tell Roop abotu Shamsher. Ishika says I attempted a great deal to let him know however he didnt tune in.

Roop considers minutes and thinks possibly this is going on for right. Himani, Kinjal and Jigna comes there. They demonstrate to him his photos with Ishika and says you battled such a great amount for this connection and need to break it now? Roop says it was my past. Himani says she is your present and future, this is occurring a result of Shamsher.. Roop says dont state a word against my dad, he leaves. Ishika calls Jigna and requests that they prevent Roop from wedding Seva. Jigna says we attempted yet he isn’t tuning in. Ishika says consider the possibility that Seva says no to marriage. She reveals to them an arrangement.

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