Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6 Oct 2020: Episode Written Update, Woman praising Ram

Written Update: Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6 Oct 2020 episode.

Ram comes to his street, he hears a woman praising Ram for loving his wife. She talks to her dead husband. Ram comes there and says I can see your husband too, you are unique and beautiful. The woman Hima says only you understand me. Ram smiles and leaves. Ram meets another woman Rekha who is crying to God. Does he ask what happened? She says I am happy as my husband is back. He says you should have love in your life. She smiles and says all should get a husband like him.

Ram strikes with a woman who says you come in my life like a hero. She flirts with him but says I only see Dulari in my life, he leaves. Ram comes home and dances with Dulari. Dulari says you always smile like this, I can’t talk to the neighbors as they complain about their husbands but you have never done a mistake. Ram thinks I have done a mistake but I can’t tell her. He gets a call from Cherry. He hears Cherry screaming.

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6 Oct 2020

Ram and Dulari come to see Cherry screaming because there is a lizard on the wall. All neighbors are there too. Ram is trying to shoo it away. The lizard leaves and Ram starts to leave but he sees it on Cherry’s shoulder. She screams and falls in Ram’s arms. Radha whispers to Dulari that this is not right but Dulari ignores her.

A real estate agent in society tells others that a bombshell is coming to live in our society. Koyal arrives there and thinks now I will see how Ram can save his marriage. Dulari tells Ram to change his shirt, this one doesn’t suit you so I have brought another shirt. Ram says whatever you say is my command.

Koyal enters society. Ram’s shirt falls from the window. He runs out to get it but it falls on Koyal’s face. He takes it off and is stunned to see it’s Koyal. Does he think my Koyal? A blast is heard and Koyal falls in Ram’s arms. They both lovingly look at each other while all neighbors witness it.

Koyal says we didn’t have haldi and you are already pale? Don’t look at me like this as others will think you are in love with me. Ram pushes her away. Koyal says remember your love? Ram tries to control himself. Koyal gives his shirt and smirks. She goes to her house while Ram is tensed. Dulari watches everything.

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