Raja Beta 7 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Evilness is Cleverness

Written Update: Raja Beta 7 October 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode Begins, Purva enlightens Dadi regarding everything. Dadi says I will converse with Vedant. Purva says Pankhudi has just refuted me in front of him. Dadi says I had just said that she isn’t right. She says Vedant’s dadi is here. Purva says Pankhudi and Vedant will be as one in the clinic. Dadi requests that her be in the emergency clinic with Vedant. Does Purva ask what I will do?

Dadi demonstrates the paper promotion that Vedant needs a secretary. Purva says Vedant won’t employ me as the secretary. Dadi says I have a thought. They see Vedant and Pankhudi getting back home. Purva acts to wipe the floor. Pankhudi and Vedant sit on the couch. Pankhudi starts conversing with him about the patient.

Purva requests that he give 20000 Rs as he isn’t allowing her To purva’s stuff. Pankhudi says you are getting cover in this house and no more. Purva says I am conversing with my better half. Pankhudi says he doesn’t view you as his better half. Vedant requests that her do some work. Dadi proposes him to contract her in the clinic. She says she can’t land position outside as she doesn’t have Aadhaar card.

Raja Beta 7 October 2019

Pankhudi inquires as to whether she will fill in as a medical attendant. Dadi says no and requests that he delegate her as his own right hand as he required. Vedant asks Personal right hand. Purva says I will fill in as house cleaner here and asks Dadi to give advance cash. Dadi signs her. Vedant says no and selects her as his secretary. He goes. Dadi likewise heads inside.

Purva embraces Pankhudi and says we are currently associates and advises that she will progress toward becoming kaali to spare her better half. She goes. Pankhudi gets resentful. Mahadev tells Parvati, how was her adventure from strain to grin. Parvati says with cunning and says what wickedness will do now. Pankhudi comes to Purva and inquires as to whether she figures she will grab Vedant from her.

Purva says I will be with my significant other all the time now. Purva takes the blade from that point and says you takes his name with so a lot of rights. Vedant inquires as to whether she saw Pankhudi. Manjula says she went to Purva’s room. He says you are additionally calling her Purva. Manjula requests that he reveal to her name on the off chance that he knows. He goes

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