Raja Beta 7 May 2019 Written Update – Vedant Smiles and Hugs Her

Written Update: Raja Beta 7 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Vedant holding Purva’s neck teasingly and says I have ruined you, you took off bindi. She says she will apply it once more. He says today we have won. Purva says it is a little advance towards triumph. Vedant says if Dadi would have been here then. Purva asks how is she, you met her. She says she has a nice sentiment. Vedant says I realize what this gundi young lady will do. Purva says I am not attempting to cheer you and asks gundi young lady. Vedant grins and embraces her. he says I will set aside your next effort to see Dadi’s improvement. Purva says Dadi will be fine soon.

Ramesh asks Sanju to treat him some way or another. Sanju supposes he needs to accomplish something. Manjula brings ice. Ramesh asks Manjula to apply red nail paint. Gomti approaches Sanju to look some treatment for him. Sanju says I am not sitting inactive and will discover the treatment. Pankhudi hears them and comes to Sanju. She grins and says Sanju. He says Pankhu and says he is scanning treatment for dad. Pankhudi says so I will go. Sanju demonstrates the prescription.

Pankhudi says this is alright, yet on the off chance that you give infusion, at that point it will work. Sanju says Papa don’t care for him to give infusion. Pankhudi persuades him with her appeal. He says I will give him infusion when he is dozing. Sanju goes to Ramesh’s room and sees Manjula and Ramesh dozing wearing saree. He takes a gander at their countenances to distinguish Ramesh. Something tumbles down which aggravate their rest. Sanju asks Ramesh to get infusion to turn out to be fine. Ramesh tosses the infusion on the bed and sits on it. He says ouch and gets up from the bed. He sees his hands. Manjula asks did you become fine? Gomti says bhaiyya has turned out to be fine.

Ramesh acts like steed and neighs. Sanju takes out the infusion. Vedant says Maa needs to control Tripathi ji now. Gomti, Sanju and Manjula head out to stop Ramesh. Sumiti says Chudail left leaving pony in him. Sanju asks Ramesh to control himself. Gomti slaps Sanju over and over. Manjula asks Ramesh to stop. Purva asks Vedant how he will rebuff him. Narendra asks Sumiti to bring Chana from the room. Vedant says we need to kick the steed now. He says I can’t do as I am Gudadi lal. Sanju says I can’t do as I am his child. Narendra asks Manjula to stop him. Sanju asks Ramesh to hear. Ramesh pushes him. Narendra and Vedant sign her to hit Ramesh. Manjula gets on the stairs and asks Ramesh to stop.

Vedant and Narendra ask Manjula to slap him. Manjula slaps Ramesh. Ramesh takes a seat. Manjula cries and apologizes. Vedant goes to Manjula. Manjula cries embracing him. Purva reveals to Vedanta that it is a cutoff, she can’t accept what happened today. Vedant says I trust he won’t torment Maa now. Purva asks did you blend something in the infusion. Vedant says no and mesmerized him and making pony’s neigh sound. He says babu ji need to twist down. Purva says Maa.Vedant says Maa need to tolerate torment for quite a while to get off agony from life.

Sumiti and Gomti make nourishment and serve on the table. Gomti says Amma went for harmony and everything is destroyed here. Sanju brings Chana. Narendra asks Ramesh to drink water. Manjula asks Sanju to make Ramesh fine like previously. Gomti says I can’t my sibling treated by this hakim. Sanju inquires as to whether she will discover the treatment for his dad and says I will do what you state. Pankhudi says I will support you. Sanju expresses gratitude toward her. She considers on the off chance that I spare his Papa, at that point marriage can be dropped. She supposes to locate some center way.

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