Raja Beta 7 June 2019 Written Update – Pankhudi informs Purva

Written Update: Raja Beta 7 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Ramesh takes a gander at the marble and thinks Vedant is upsetting him a ton. Manjula comes and gives him tea. Does Ramesh inquire as to why she is upbeat? Manjula says might be we will be Dada and Dadi. Does Ramesh inquire as to whether she has gone distraught? Manjula says Purva is unwell so she thought and asks him not to tell anyone as she may not be right too.

Pankhudi gives a blood test to the lab professional and requests that he give the report quick. He requests that she take the report at night. Pankhudi says she is a specialist and Vedant’s Saali moreover. He says I will give a report in 10 mins. Pankhudi considers Vedant and Purva’s closeness. Lab expert Mohan comes and gives her report. She checks and sees the pregnancy test positive.

Raja Beta 7 June 2019

Pankhudi goes to her lodge and blows up. She says I warded off you from Vedant consistently, yet you did this. She says if Vedant can’t see her affection. Purva’s call goes ahead of her portable. Pankhudi says Purva has destroyed her life.

She says I generally take every necessary step and you get the significance. She rests on the floor and says why no one could see Pankhudi, I was constantly number 2 for everybody. She says when I asked you, you said that you don’t love Vedant so you can begin the family. She says Rahul left you and you have gotten my Vedant. Medical caretaker thumps on the entryway.

Raja Beta 7 June 2019

Pankhudi requests that she come in. Medical caretaker discloses to her that a patient is should have been visited. Sumiti gets annoyed with Manjula for educating Ramesh regarding Purva. She asks her not to tell others else she will be accused. Dadi comes and requests that she get some information about her. Manjula sniffles. Sumiti requests that she be cautious.

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