Raja Beta 6 June 2019 Written Update – Pankhudi Takes Purva Blood Test

Written Update: Raja Beta 6 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Purva requests that he leave her hand and goes to open the entryway. Vedant thinks this can’t be conceivable and supposes he has checked her heartbeat. Pankhudi calls Purva and approaches them to seek cake cutting. Vedant goes to washroom. Purva approaches him to turn out for cake cutting. Pankhudi sees her shirt trim opened and ties it.

Raja Beta 6 June 2019

Vedant washes his face and says this can’t be conceivable. He supposes in the event that Purva was pregnant, at that point she would have educated me. He supposes to check her again and washes his face. He comes to the ground floor.

Purva grins taking a gander at him. She says everybody was sitting tight for you, lets cut the cake. Pankhudi thinks di is glad, the end result for Vedant. Purva holds his hand and cuts the cake. She causes him to have the cake and after that to other people. Ramesh thinks the end result for Gudadi lay all of a sudden. Vedant sees Purva cheerfully offering cake to everybody and getting wishes.

Raja Beta 6 June 2019

Pankhudi discloses to Ramesh that all is well. Ramesh thinks until when. Vedant holds her hand once more. Gomti requests that he leave her hand and says she isn’t a child to disappear. Sumiti says let him hold her hand. Vedant gets in stun subsequent to checking again and thinks my Purva is pregnant.

Dadi asks Manjula to get her analgesic. She asks Purva to have nourishment. Purva says Vedant left someplace. Dadi says he more likely than not going to medical clinic and requests that she have nourishment. Purva says even I am not ravenous, I will rest. Pankhudi calls her associate and gets some information about Vedant.

She supposes it is great that he is far from Purva. Vedant reviews Purva promising him to give family while driving the vehicle and stops in transit. He gets down from the vehicle and inquires as to for what reason didn’t you reveal to me the truth, how might you have another person infant and have broken our fantasies.

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