Raja Beta 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – She Eats Tablets to Commit Suicide

Written Update: Raja Beta 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Purva crying in her room gravely. She sees the infant’s pic kept as an afterthought table and lays on the bed. Pankhudi lights the flame and is going to consume Purva’s report. She says you would prefer not to crush the patient’s report then for what reason will I pulverize my sister’s report. She says this report is the ticket to my lottery and says this is unforgettable to me.

She keeps the report. Sanju comes there and says he needs to converse with her about something significant. He asks what occurred, for what reason would you say you are upbeat? Pankhudi says she is glad. He advises that Purva went to a gynaec who does premature birth moreover. Pankhudi asks when? Sanju says I looked bhabhi, yet couldn’t discover her.

Raja Beta 5 July 2019

Pankhudi says I know Dr. Rima and she won’t do her fetus removal. She says we need to discover where Di went. Dadi goes to Purva’s room and asks her not to rest in the night. Purva switches on the lights. Dadi says you should be worn out today and inquires as to whether something is going on in her brain. Purva takes a gander at her.

Dadi says Vedant resembles his Dada ji and is occupied in his patients dependably. Purva asks how could you oversee? Dadi says she needed to make the time unique at whatever point he is with her. He says when Ramesh was conceived, her better half got upbeat. She says Vedant adores kids and when he progresses toward becoming dad then his family will finish. She says he will shower love on his child. Purva is sorrowful eyes and grins.

Sanju carries her to Dr. Rima’s clinic promotion tells that the man who took Pankhudi will be here. He recognizes the man and tells Pankhudi. Pankhudi begins acting and advises that if her family comes to think about her pregnancy. Sanju likewise acts. The operator hears them and tells that he knows the spot. He requests that they pursue her.

Raja Beta 5 July 2019

Sanju inquires as to whether she thinks about Purva’s pregnancy. Pankhudi gestures her head. He asks Papa and Vedant. Pankhudi says yes. Sanju says tempest will hit Sanjeevani Sadan once they think about it. Vedant gets back home and goes directly to his room. Narendra attempts to converse with him. Dadi says he came a few seconds ago.

Ramesh says he is by all accounts furious. Vedant (face changed, the character playing by some other entertainer now). Does Purva inquire as to for what reason would you say you are so irate? He shuts the entryway and strolls towards her. He asks did you go to Dr. Rima and inquires as to why? Purva asks who let you know. Vedant says what did you believe that no one will know whether you compose your name wrong.

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