Raja Beta 5 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Purva is in the OT

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The Episode begins with Vedant cuts the call before Pankhudi asks him what occurred. She looks on vindictive. He gets down from his vehicle. Purva calls him and asks when he will get back home. Vedant says he is occupied with a crisis and will return home. Purva says you didn’t get some information about my tests. Vedant says I will converse with you subsequent to returning home. He inquires as to whether he is there or not and requests that he spare him to spare his infant and not to let Purva break.

He calls Pankhudi again and requests that she meet him in the emergency clinic. Pankhudi grins triumphantly and says alright. Sanju tells that Rahul’s HIV positive report is prepared. Rahul requests that he state in low tune and requests that he demonstrate the individuals. Sanju says I can do this, converse with me with habits. He says I will get the photograph duplicate. Does Rahul ask what Pankhu will do with the photograph duplicate?

Raja Beta 5 August 2019 Episode

Sanju says she is Pankhu for me and not for you. Rahul says I don’t just have a scene with her, says she is exceptionally hazardous and Purva is guiltless. Sanju says you are getting Purva back due to my risky Pankhudi. In the emergency clinic, Vedant discloses to Pankhudi that they won’t advise anything to Purva at this moment. Pankhudi says alright and says at whatever point you believe is the opportune time at that point advise her. Vedant says one will not see the fantasies with the goal that when one gets bliss at that point will be upbeat and when they get torment then they will not feel awful. Pankhudi expresses few words are not in our grasp once in a while.

Vedant says my heartbeat perusing made me flopped today. He says I figured reports will be ordinary. She says what we will do now. She says I think we need to complete Di’s HIV test. Vedant is stunned. He says this can’t occur, my infant isn’t HIV positive. He says he will complete the test once more. Pankhudi says we don’t have this test office so I completed this test in Dr. Rima’s clinic. Vedant says he doesn’t concur. She says she took Dr. Malik’s sentiment moreover. Vedant says this is beyond the realm of imagination as this infant isn’t HIV positive. Pankhudi says I will get Di’s ELISA test to ensure she is fine. Vedant says Purva isn’t HIV positive and says not by any means him and this child.

Pankhudi says this infant isn’t yours. Vedant says I don’t need you and your probabilities and requests that she gets out. She makes a crying face and leaves. She goes out and grins joyfully. She says anything can occur and strolls gladly at her arrangement. Vedant checks the documents and searches on the net. He gets Purva’s call and doesn’t reply.

Ramesh reveals to Dadi that this time Sanju will pass. Dadi says when he breezed through the test then she will be upbeat and says on the off chance that he doesn’t pass, at that point acknowledge. Ramesh says Sanju will pass then you will handover emergency clinic in his grasp. Purva reveals to Dadi that Vedant isn’t picking her calls. She gets stressed for him and says he is in the issue. Ramesh grins.

Vedant checks the records and gets irritated. Purva hangs tight for him in the house and gets stressed for Vedant. She considers him and discovers his telephone turned off. She supposes on the off chance that he is fine. Pankhudi is having frozen yogurt in the emergency clinic. Purva calls her and asks do you realize where is Vedant? Pankhudi says she won’t have the foggiest idea and untruths that she is at home. Purva closes the call. Pankhudi says you gave all my fate to me and says you didn’t realize that you gave a major offer to me.

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