Raja Beta 4 June 2019 Written Update – Vedant Promote show hamari bahu Silk

Written Update: Raja Beta 4 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

He hits on the light and gets injured. His internal identity comes there and says you need to keep everybody glad and for that, you need to begin from yourself. He asks him not to believe Ramesh’s words truly and break the arrangement. He asks him not to be frail. Vedanta says it is my affection for babu ji. His internal identity requests that he think among Ramesh and Purva. He says the choice will be yours.

Raja Beta 4 June 2019

Later he goes to his room and sees Purva resting embracing his photograph outline. He endeavors to take the edge. She talks in rest and says you arrived behind schedule. Vedant says there is no reason to worry tomorrow. Pankhudi hears him and says you have done as such much for di, yet she doesn’t merit your adoration, when you experience passionate feelings for me then you will acknowledge what I can accomplish for you.

Ramesh comes and asks what you need to do. Pankhudi calls somebody and inquires as to whether everything is prepared. She reveals to Ramesh that she is bringing everything prepared for him, lamp oil and even matchstick. She says to light the flame when all is good and well. She says she will assault on Purva and Vedant’s marriage.

Raja Beta 4 June 2019

Dadi gets some information about Vedant. Purva says he arrived behind schedule yesterday. Vedant comes and welcomes Purva wishing her cheerful 3 months commemoration. Purva gets happy and expresses gratitude toward him wishing him the equivalent. Gomti inquires as to whether he was tallying the days.

Vedant says I am becoming hopelessly enamored to an ever increasing extent. He requests that they get back home quick and says he hosts kept the gathering for themselves. He asks Purva to focus on preparing only for him. Everybody grins. Dadi hacks. Gomti says let’s eat. Pankhudi gets agitated.

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