Raja Beta 31 May 2019 Written Update – Ramesh Comes & Tells Pankhudi

Written Update: Raja Beta 31 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Pankhudi and Sanju sitting for the puja. Vedant lays his shoulder on Purva’s shoulder and endeavors to draw near to her. While everybody is sitting for puja, Ramesh sees the flame and yells. Pankhudi acts seeing her dupatta bursting into flames. Sanju blows the flame and lifts Pankhudi as she professes to be oblivious. Gomti says somebody calls Vedant.

Raja Beta 31 May 2019

Pankhudi lit her dupatta and figures her affection will come rushing to her, and Purva can’t stop him. Ramesh questions on Pankhudi. Manjula calls Vedant. Vedant and Purva’s sentiment get interfered, as he goes to the call and tells that they are getting back home.

In the emergency clinic, everybody is stressed for Pankhudi. The specialist tells that treatment is going on. Ramesh asks Dadi to get back home. Dadi says she can’t rest until Pankhudi is fine. Manjula requests that she return home and tells that she will take care here. Sanju feels terrible. Vedant and Purva surge there. Purva asks how is Pankhudi?

Vedant goes to meet Doctor. Gomti tells about Pankhudi’s kundali have the manglik dosh. Manjula says we couldn’t deal with her. Sanju says it is my misstep, what is her oversight on the off chance that she is Manglik.

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