Raja Beta 3 June 2019 Written Update – Marriage will happen after 10 days

Written Update: Raja Beta 3 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Pankhudi says she can’t wed in 3 days. Purva asks Sanju to concur. Manjula says they will check the kundalis check once more. Dadi says marriage will occur following 10 days. Sanju deals with Pankhudi and requests that her rest, says he will put on something else and will come to bid a fond farewell to her. Pankhudi gets up and shuts the entryway.

Raja Beta 3 June 2019

She supposes bloodsucker stalled out to her leg, she discovered after he stayed with her constantly. She opens the pantry to get her garments and sees Vedant’s pics missing. She supposes where it can go and thinks who has come here. She checks in the cabinet what’s more, says where is my Vedant’s pics. Ramesh comes there and says I have the pics.

He demonstrates the pics and says your Vedant. Pankhudi gets strained seeing Ramesh knowing her reality. He tosses the pics on her. He asks her not to trick him and says I am not Sanju, yet his dad. Pankhudi says you are misconception me. Ramesh says your fixation for Vedant is known to me now. I will advise everything to relatives and after that you and your sister will be out. Pankhudi asks Ramesh not to undermine her and says she realizes that he won’t tell anybody.

Raja Beta 3 June 2019

She requests that he determine what he needs from her and says you may have known at this point, how I expel the obstacles from my way. She says you have played with everybody, presently play with me arrangement game. Ramesh says what bargain? Pankhudi says our central goal is same and says that is to isolate Vedant and Purva.

She says I will get all of you the property and simply needs Vedant. She requests that he utilize his psyche to break vedant’s marriage and says she will utilize her astute personality to make Vedant hers. Purva is concerned for Pankhudi and explains to that why foreboding things happening when she isn’t manglik.

Vedant requests that her allow to Sanju and is going to draw near to Purva, however simply then somebody thumps on the entryway. Vedant opens the entryway and discovers Ramesh standing. Ramesh says I need to converse with you about something significant. Vedant goes to Purva and goes with Ramesh. Pankhudi thinks Ramesh left without noting her.

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