Raja Beta 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Vedant shows Purva’s Test Reports

Written Update: Raja Beta 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

Dadi inquires Purva to sit with her and says all sustenance things is of your decision. She asks what she needs to eat. Gomti says everything is of her decision and requests that her eat garlic potatoes. Purva gets a retching sensation. Dadi says even she is having a craving for spewing. Sumiti inquires as to why she is disliking the nourishment even subsequent to originating from the clinic.

Sanju and Pankhudi come there snickering. Sanju tells that they have nourishment outside. Dadi says you would have called me and says she didn’t give authorization for waste the nourishment. Ramesh says this is first time for Pankhudi, yet Purva got up from the table ordinarily without having nourishment. Gomti asks Purva what befell her. Purva says now I am fine. She asks Pankhudi where is she going? Pankhudi says she had nourishment. Sanju says I took her. Purva says I thought you went right on time from the medical clinic to invite me.

Raja Beta 3 July 2019

Pankhudi says I got back home. Purva says my own sister couldn’t care less for me in my own home and says I think I anticipated much from you. Vedant goes. Ramesh says Nautanki. Purva goes to room. Vedant asks what was it? He inquires as to why she battled infront of everybody with pankhudi. Purva says Chachi was getting some information about the report, so I did that show to prevent you from lying, I realize you abhor lying. Vedant says I can’t give you a chance to be ravenous and says I will expedite nourishment for you the porch.

He requests that her be there. Purva goes there and sits tight for him. Vedant brings nourishment and requests that her eat. Purva says on the off chance that you eat, at that point I will eat. Vedant inquires as to whether we can’t eat in an equivalent plate. Purva grins. Vedant takes the sustenance in his grasp and makes Purva have nourishment. Purva looks in the sky and says Pankhudi and I used to trust that light will go, at that point come to porch and rest tuning in to Nani’s accounts. Vedant inquires as to why she don’t go to patio now.

She says she may fear obscurity now or got excessively occupied. Vedant says he loves it and tells that on the off chance that there was no night, at that point they couldn’t have seen the stars. Purva requests that he see the stars. Vedant informs her concerning the stars and tells about it. They have an eye lock. Pankhudi meddles in their minute and tosses the vase on floor.

Next day, Purva is brushing her teeth when she feels the child development. She says did I feel the infant a few seconds ago. She opens her PC and checks for the infant developments. She peruses that mother feels the development on the sixteenth week/fourth month. She supposes very soon it will be seen by everybody. Vedant comes there and requests that she eat. Purva says at some point later.

She inquires as to whether Bua got some information about the report. Vedant says he got a call so was talking. Purva supposes you won’t support me, in the event that I get late, at that point, it will be passed the point of no return. Vedant goes to the medical clinic.

Purva goes to Pankhudi’s room and calls her. Sanju comes there and advises that he needed to drop her, however, your better half took Pankhudi. Purva calls Pankhudi and asks her not to take her name. She requests that her answer yes or no. She says I am approaching you for last time.

Pankhudi thinks whether she prematurely ends her child then Vedant and Purva get together, on the off chance that she doesn’t do, at that point Purva will be kicked out of house. She says no and closes the call. Vedant inquires as to whether all is well. Pankhudi deceives him. Purva thinks to accomplish something and checks something on her workstation and note down the location. She takes the cash and is leaving. Dadi asks where are you going? Purva says she is going to sanctuary. Dadi requests that her go later. Purva says I would thank the God.

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