Raja Beta 28 June 2019 Written Update – Ward boy Gives Pankhudi Diary

Written Update: Raja Beta 28 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The medical caretaker is descending. Pankhudi calls Nurse hearing her coming and asks how could she blackout, as though she doesn’t have even an inkling. The medical caretaker says I will reexamine the graph. Dr. Sushma says she needs to check the record. Pankhudi says Vedant and I have talked about the record. She inquires as to whether she is agreeable. Purva gets over her hand. Dr. Sushma and Nurse see this.

The medical attendant tells Dr. Sushma that why Purva’s reports are secret. Dr. Sushma says it is weird that he kept her in the private room and no one comes to meet her. Sanju hears them. Manjula brings Ram Shalaka and says when we lost our first child, I made you keep a hand on it. Ramesh says we got arrangement from this that we will have another child.

Raja Beta 28 June 2019

Manjula says on the off chance that Vedant has a child, at that point what will occur with your Sanju. Ramesh says on the off chance that this occurs, at that point they will toss Sanju out. She requests that he close his eyes and point the finger. She shuts her eyes. He keeps her finger and afterward shuts his eyes. Manjula peruses that they will be disillusioned and can’t accomplish what they need.

Purva calls Vedant and asks will you come to an emergency clinic? Vedant asks would you say you are fine? Purva thinks whether Pankhudi didn’t reveal to her that I black out. She says she is unwell. Vedant says I will bring your tiffin. Purva considers it. Pankhudi thinks now Purva knows everything and thinks whether everything will be better for her. Sanju goes to her and tells that they ought to have moved toward becoming companions first else you would have imparted to me/He asks what happened to Purva.

Raja Beta 28 June 2019

She says she is 4 months and afterward says 4 issues. Sanju asks how would you not think about your sister? She makes an arrangement and reveals to him that she will ask Vedant to give her report. Vedant comes to Purva and says he will serve sustenance. Purva inquires as to whether he eat sustenance with her. He grins and asks ward boy to bring margarine milk and lassi from container and goes to wash his hand. Purva looks in his wallet and finds the bill of a bistro. Vedant returns to Purva. She gives him a wallet and the bill and asks with whom he went to the café. He says alone.

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