Raja Beta 27 June 2019 Written Update – Vedant Loves Pankhudi & Cries

Written Update: Raja Beta 27 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Gomti going to God and requesting that he get her wedded before Vedant’s children are conceived and call her Dadi. She says she will offer 125 rs, Prasad. Vedant hears her and grins. He tells everybody that Purva and will be released from the medical clinic tomorrow. Dadi says I figured you will give the uplifting news and says she will offer Prasad. She embraces him.

Raja Beta 27 June 2019

Narendra says Purva may be disturbed in the medical clinic. Vedant asks Manjula and Sumiti for what reason are they distraught as Purva is releasing from the emergency clinic. Ramesh says our heart is upset and says two uplifting news is going to come, because of which we as a whole will lose. They all go to their room. Vedant supposes he should be at home to comprehend the happenings. Pankhudi goes to Purva’s ward and checks her restorative outline. She checks the beat.

Pankhudi requests that Nurse go and says she needs to converse with Dr. Pankhudi. Pankhudi says on the off chance that you need to discuss your past, or pregnancy, at that point I would prefer not to converse with you, it isn’t essential to me. Purva says let’s talk about Vedant, he is essential to you. She inquires as to whether you simply adore him or need to grab him from me.

Raja Beta 27 June 2019

Pankhudi asks are you terrified and say you have grabbed everything from me since youth. faults Purva for grabbing everything from her and says when you are losing something just because, you couldn’t bear. Purva says I am your senior sister and asks did I grab your thing? Pankhudi reprimands her for grabbing everything from her, beginning from her pen, dress, mother’s adornments and Nani’s worry and love from her.

She says even my companions’ consideration and after that, you got hitched to my Vedant. Purva says so much is covered up in your adoration, I didn’t realize that you were figuring about the toys and dress, I didn’t realize that you cherish Vedant. Pankhudi says it is great of yours that you include that you don’t know dependably, you don’t think about your pregnancy and my affection for him. She says you used to loathe him even subsequent to realizing he is so great. She says I commended him so often, at that point likewise you couldn’t get it.

Raja Beta 27 June 2019

Purva says I didn’t have the foggiest idea. Pankhudi says I acknowledge that you didn’t think about your pregnancy which occurred because of your connection with Rahul. Purva says in the event that I had known, at that point I wouldn’t have asked in front of Vedant and you. Pankhudi says I have not assumed your liability. She says you have destroyed my life and divided Vedant and Me and that is the reason you are rebuffed and merit this discipline. Purva is stunned with her appalling admission and says you are stating incorrectly.

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