Raja Beta 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Purva is Shocked

Written Update: Raja Beta 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

Today episode begins, Manjula comes to Dadi. Dadi reveals to her that Vedant had come and given checks for everybody despite the fact that she didn’t inquire. She says they showed him out of medical clinic without deduction, yet he thinks for everybody. Ramesh is standing out of medical clinic and figures the cash from the emergency clinic will shower on me. Vedant says you may tally the cash which you will get from the medical clinic and says you began celebrating unexpectedly early.

He says you can’t do anything in my Dada ji’s clinic. Ramesh says your Dada ji and says you got the name in philanthropy, you are not giving us a chance to get our cash. He asks would you like to make us hungry. Vedant says I offered checks to Dadi. Ramesh gets some information about Rahul who is coercing us? Vedant says my Dadi won’t offer cash to the blackmailer, I will deal with Rahul. Ramesh says Rahul won’t be peaceful, you comprehend what he will do. Vedant inquires as to whether you are having share in it, with the goal that my wrongdoings can be redressed. Ramesh says you are blaming others rather that lamenting for your transgressions.

Raja Beta 26 August 2019 Episode

He says Amma will see your genuine face. Vedant says Dadi will open her eyes and ears and see everybody’s actual countenances. He leaves there. Purva thinks about the inflatable and thinks she has seen dream with her open eyes, it was her error. Dadi and Manjula come there. Purva gets cheerful and requests that they sit. Dadi says I was missing you so I came. Purva embraces her and says I thought you are angry with me. Dadi says it was not your error. Purva says I did a slip-up to conceal truth from all.

Manjula reveals to Purva that battles days make everything fine and says RadheMadhav will make it fine. Purva inquires as to whether RadheMadhav can bring my infant back. Pankhudi checks a patient. The patient says I thought this is an altruistic clinic and tasteful patients matter to you too. Pankhudi says you will see our high-class benefits in our clinic. She requests that she come to clinic day by day and complete the output by the master. She requests that her purchase drug from the medical clinic.

Raja Beta 26 August 2019 Episode

She approaches her to come to the clinic for three days, says the treatment is very costly as we don’t settle on quality. The patient tells that she needs 5-star quality. Ramesh comes there and asks Pankhudi to converse with Vedant, says he wouldn’t offer cash to Rahul. She returns to the patient and says the Minister’s better half required an arrangement and gives her record. Mr. Kapoor leaves. Ramesh comes to Sanju and chides him, saying Vedant told plainly that they won’t get cash. He says he isn’t terrified of Rahul or the awful notoriety.

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