Raja Beta 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Purva asks Vedant to do her Abortion

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Vedant is conversing with a specialist on a telephone. Dadi comes there and inquires as to whether he had sustenance. Vedant says he had in the medical clinic. Dadi says you are very worried about Patients and Purva and after that additionally you don’t have any weight all over. Vedant discusses Dada ji. Dadi tells that patients get soothed hearing you and inquires as to whether Purva is pregnant. Vedant says I will disclose to you when I come to think about the child. Dadi says she confides in him completely and goes. Vedant gets stressed.

Ramesh comes to Sanju and advises that he needs to get all the riches all of a sudden. Sanju says you generally state this. Ramesh requests that he get Purva’s report from the emergency clinic tomorrow. Sanju says I will ask pankhudi. Ramesh says she is Purva’s sister and won’t tell anything. Sanju says I will do. Ramesh tells that once you discover then I will concur that you are prepared to sit on Dada ji’s seat. He says your better half Pankhudi will be adjacent to you and afterward, you don’t need to consider, as a decent specialist will be next to you.

Raja Beta 25 June 2019 Episode

Vedant calls Nurse and inquires as to whether Purva rested and requests that her message him when she awakens. His internal identity comes there and inquires as to whether he is feeling remorseful to lie. Vedant says I can’t lie and she can’t manage truth. His internal identity advises that they need to confront comparable circumstance in life once. He requests that he lie to Dadi. Pankhudi comes to him. Vedant discovers his internal identity gone. Sanju sees Pankhudi and Vedant talking and come to side.

Vedant asks what occurred, aren’t you getting rest. Pankhudi says I thought you are wakeful and sought you. She asks him not to stress. Vedant asks her not to stress and says he will deal with and discover the arrangement. Pankhudi thinks until Vedant will be annoyed with her. Sanju asks Pankhudi what she was discussing? Pankhudi misleads him about the case. Sanju inquires as to whether she is near Vedant and handles him along these lines. Pankhudi requests that he be in his cutoff points. Sanju comes to Ramesh and gets some information about his mummy. Ramesh says she went to knead Amma’s feet.

Sanju says you need to stop this. Ramesh says for what reason to stop Manjula. Sanju says I am discussing Pankhudi and says I am seeing her, she is avoiding me and is near Vedant. Ramesh reviews Pankhudi’s adoration for Vedant and requests that he grabbed his right. Sanju says alright. Ramesh requests that her success Pankhudi with his affection and requests that he focuses on getting Purva’s report.

Raja Beta 25 June 2019 Episode

Vedant is checking his vehicle. Ramesh comes to him and requests that he make Pankhudi comprehend and says Sanju is extremely messed with her conduct. Vedant says she is my saali and your future bahu. Ramesh says Pankhudi not think you as jija but rather. Pankhudi comes and they leave. Ramesh looks on. Purva gets up toward the beginning of the day and supposes she black out in the wake of having the prescription. She keeps the container for reference. The medical attendant comes and checks her BP. Purva inquires as to why that medication is taken and for what? The medical attendant says she knows, however she can’t let him know.

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