Raja Beta 24 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Vedant is shocked

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Vedant says she returned home. Purva says whatever happened is great and says they need to deceive family on the off chance that she needs to prematurely end the child. Vedant says issue was never family and says I won’t do this fetus removal. She says on the off chance that this is known to individuals, at that point they will think you are slaughtered my darling’s infant. She requests that he ask Pankhudi to prematurely end her child. Vedant says Pankhudi won’t prematurely end your infant. Purva says she is my sister, yet consents to your idioms and asks what is their connection? Vedant looks on.

Raja Beta 24 June 2019 Episode

Manjula asks Sanju to offer tiffin to purva. Sanju requests that her send somebody. Gomti tells that she will give the tiffin. Dadi asks Sanju to come. Gomti goes in a rush. Dadi requests that he determine what occurred after they achieved emergency clinic. Sanju reveals to her that Vedant and Pankhudi haven’t enlightened him concerning Purva. Purva takes out the syringe from her hand and requests that Nurse demonstrate her reports. Medical caretaker says Dr. Vedant trained us not to demonstrate your report to anybody. Gomti tosses the stuff out. Medical attendant goes to call Vedant. Gomti hears her.

Medical caretaker asks who is she? Gomti says she is Gomti bua. Medical attendant heads inside and tells Purva. Purva says she would prefer not to meet anybody. Gomti gives the nourishment and goes. Vedant returns home. Medical caretaker calls Vedant and tells that Purva is requesting her reports and tossing the things. Vedant requests that her give her a portion of resting pill to make her rest. He goes to Pankhudi’s room. Pankhudi asks how are you and inquires as to whether Di quiet down. Vedant says no and says a little while ago Nurse called. Pankhudi requests that he come inside and inquires as to whether there is no reason to worry as she is conceded. He says don’t have a clue and advises that he needs time to think.

Pankhudi says Di’s pregnancy will be obvious to everybody in some days. Vedant says I have to make a declaration before her pregnancy is noticeable and individuals poses inquiries. Pankhudi asks what declaration and gets some information about her pregnancy. Vedant asks did I let you know and advises that he needs to accomplish something doubtlessly. Pankhudi says after her conveyance, what you will say. Vedant says in the event that the infant comes, at that point what will occur. She says you will lost your regard and don’t have a clue what will happen to Di. Vedant guides her that he will see and asks her not to stress. Pankhudi thinks something is cooking in your psyche, which I have to discover.

He is setting off to his room. Dadi calls him and gets some information about Purva. She inquires as to why her BP is high abruptly. Vedant says Dadi… Dadi inquires as to whether there is something genuine and asks what is he covering up? Vedant says no. She keeps his hand on her head and requests that he tell truth. Vedant says Purva is pregnant. Dadi says you will be cheerful and asks what is the issue, requests that he tell truth. Vedant says that infant isn’t mine. Dadi is stunned and says major disloyalty and that too with my Vedant. She says you don’t need to give any more penance, Purva won’t be bahu of the house any longer, I won’t let Dada ji’s regard demolished. Vedant says where she will go with Pankhudi and says Pankhudi adores me. Dadi says Pankhudi is a decent young lady and you will get her.

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