Raja Beta 23 September 2019 Written Episode Update – Partition Of Dada Ji’s Wealth?

Written Update: Raja Beta 23 September 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with new Purva informing that she can tell anything concerning Purva. Vedant says you know it all about Purva, however, know nothing about yourself. He says I am blameless and needn’t bother with any extortion young lady help. She rushes to room crying and says at whatever point I see myself in the mirror, I couldn’t cause myself to comprehend the truth.

He says you can’t cause me to accept that you are Purva. She swears that she won’t matter sindoor in her maang until he applies it and acknowledges her as his significant other. Vedant says this can’t occur and tells that he will never trust her. She says you need to acknowledge me as Purva for multi-week to get the guilty party. Vedant says I realize who is the killer and questions on Sanju and Ramesh.

He says he is vulnerable and can’t give them discipline. New Purva tells that it was Dada ji’s fantasy to see everybody joined together and says you had let me know. Vedant says I couldn’t offer discipline to them and that is the reason attempted to copy myself in the wake of copying Purva’s body, yet God doesn’t need this and need me to endure seeing the culprits free.

Raja Beta 23 September 2019

Gomti advises everybody that she has chosen to wed and found a person and requests a lot of property. Ramesh says we will burn through cash on your marriage. Gomti says I have equivalent offer on the property and requests her offer. Sumiti says even we need our offer and tells that they won’t alter now. Sanju says even I need my offer and don’t confide in Papa.

He says I won’t modify with Papa’s offer. Dadi thinks she needs to stop this parcel and says she is feeling embarrassed on them, says you need to hurt your pita ji. She thinks Vedant won’t concur for this segment and says it will occur if Vedant additionally affirms for it. Gomti requests that he state. Vedant abandons noting them.

Gomti says we are offering offer to outcast and he is indicating us haughtiness. Dadi says he isn’t outcast and says no one will consider me that. Vedant goes to the recreation center. Devi Parvati comes and gives him Prasad. He asks yesterday where did you go? She says she was close to him, yet he didn’t see. She says she remains extremely far, however comes frequently.

He says your words demonstrate to me the way. Devi Parvati tells that stream meets the ocean and progresses toward becoming ocean and requests that he trust the goal. Vedant inquires as to whether she will be here. She says I will be here till navratri. Vedant welcomes her to his home for navratri. She gestures and goes.

He returns home. Gomti calls him and inquires as to why he did he abandon noting her. She says Amma said that your endorsement. Sanju requests that he concur. Dadi says choice is in Vedant’s grasp now. Sanju and Sumiti requests that he concur.

Sumiti asks do you need your Chacha and Chachi to remain as bums. Ramesh asks Vedant not to break Dada ji’s fantasies. Vedant says I don’t need anything from this riches and tells that they can take whatever they need.

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