Raja Beta 23 May 2019 Written Update – Vedant & Purva’s Drama

Written Update: Raja Beta 23 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Ramesh asks Gomti to give dal. Gomti offers dal to Sumiti. Ramesh requests that she give dal. Manjula takes the dal and provides for Ramesh. Ramesh expresses gratitude toward her. Vedant reports that he will give 25 percent to Bua, 25 percent to Narendra Chacha and 25 percent to Sanju. Sanju inquires as to whether I will likewise get.

Raja Beta 23 May 2019

Vedant says I am making the papers and inquires as to whether he needs anything. Sanju takes a gander at Ramesh. Gomti asks him not to take a gander at Ramesh else he won’t get anything. Sanju gets a call and goes. Ramesh says I need to tell something and says Purva’s significant other wouldn’t give separate and didn’t sign on the papers and that is the reason he took the date for the court hearing.

Raja Beta 23 May 2019

He discloses to Purva that she doesn’t need to live with Vedant now. Vedant says his desire will never be satisfied. Manjula comes to meet Vedant. Vedant says how would you realize that I am missing you. Manjula says I was thinking about how you are breaking the family whom you needed to join together. Vedant says I am attempting to join them, you couldn’t see.

Manjula says you are attempting to get Ramesh offended by his kin. Vedant says I am giving their offers to them. Manjula supplicates that he turns out to be great and leaves. Vedant supposes I didn’t change, simply changed my methodology for family’s improvement.

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