Raja Beta 21 June 2019 Written Update – Pankhudi Standing Wearing Garlands

Written Update: Raja Beta 21 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Purva asks you didn’t need Vedant. Pankhudi requests that she stop it and goes. She comes to the room and calls Vedant. She says Di, he doesn’t pick her call. Purva says you will talk concealing things from me and says I know very well what you need, you need Vedant in your life and in this house. She says you need to do my fetus removal in return of Vedant. Pankhudi says it is against my morals.

Raja Beta 21 June 2019

Purva gets some information about morals in front of Vedant and says you did Deepa’s fetus removal previously. Pankhudi says I couldn’t care less about your contemplations. Purva says you consider Vedant. She says in the event that you don’t do my premature birth, at that point I will inform Vedant concerning Deepa. Pankhudi requests that she stop it and says you need to extort me and requests that she leave the little infant’s life and acknowledge Vedant’s choice.

Purva says it is my life, I have chosen to expel this soil from my life, I won’t bring forth this time. Her conditions weaken and she swoons. Pankhudi calls Vedant. Sumiti and Gomti hear them battling. Sumiti says Purva is pregnant and asks Manjula to acknowledge it. Pankhudi illuminates them that Purva blackout. They hurry to her. Purva is oblivious and says Vedant and Pankhudi.

Raja Beta 21 June 2019

Gomti makes her beverage glucose. Pankhudi calls an emergency vehicle. Manjula discloses to Dadi that Purva’s BP is high. Gomti says Vedant is a major specialist, however, can’t make sense of what befell her. Sanju lifts Purva and takes her in rescue vehicle. Pankhudi calls Vedant and says I am coming to there earnestly. Dadi asks Sanju to go with Pankhudi and Purva. They leave in the rescue vehicle. Narendra gets back home and comes to think about Purva. Ramesh says there is no reason to worry, don’t stress.

Vedant requests that Nurse be with Purva and check her BP consistently. He says Purva’s test reports are private and no one can see it aside from me. Sanju and Pankhudi carry her to the emergency clinic. Vedant checks her. The medical attendant gives her infusion. Dadi reprimands everybody for anticipating her pregnancy and focusing on her. Gomti says we were stressed for her.

Dadi says Vedant will tell when she gets pregnant. Manjula, Sumiti, and Gomti apologize to them. Ramesh thinks Vedant completed a point of confinement and conceal about her pregnancy from Amma. Manjula says I will do Arogya Mantra jaap for multiple times. Dadi says alright, and asks Gomti to call Sanju and inquires as to whether they need sustenance. Pankhudi discloses to Vedant that Di was talking odd things and that is the reason I called you. Sanju comes there.

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