Raja Beta 20 June 2019 Written Update – Vedant calls Pankhudi and tells

Written Update: Raja Beta 20 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Vedant gets up from his seat and comes to situate. He discloses to Pankhudi that he had no… Pankhudi says you had no clue about my adoration, however, I distinguish every one of the emotions. Vedant says sorry, I never felt it. Pankhudi says I consider you my Guru before I met you, at that point, I met Nani Mausi and came to realize that you are her stupendous child and came to realize how great you are.

Raja Beta 20 June 2019

Purva hears them incredibly. She says what I would have done, I became hopelessly enamored with you and began seeing longs for you. She says then you got hitched to Di. She says Di’s adoration double-crossed her that night and I lost my affection. She says that marriage changed everybody’s predetermination. Vedant says whatever happened was not in anybody’s grasp.

Pankhudi says on the off chance that it was in my grasp, at that point I would have hated you and couldn’t see you in agony. She says I need to make everything fine and can remove you from this wreckage. Vedant says I can’t comprehend anything now and goes. Purva cries. Pankhudi gets glad and supposes she said I cherish you to Vedant.

Raja Beta 20 June 2019

Purva goes to her room and cries. She supposes Pankhudi adores Vedant before our marriage. She supposes everybody has turned out to be muddled. She hears somebody coming and wipes her tears and profess to rest. Vedant comes to room and rests on the bed.

Purva is crying and asks where is he coming? He says he had sustenance. She says you didn’t request that I serve sustenance. He says I served myself. She inquires as to whether you are distant from everyone else there. He says yes. She asks did you need to state something. He says no. Purva turns her face and cries. Vedant thinks what to let you know, I couldn’t get myself.

Sanju comes to Dadi and says Pankhudi isn’t helping me in studies and don’t treat me well. He says she accompanies her desire and when I approach her to want dessert, she won’t. Dadi trusts that her uncertainty is right. She requests that he win her heart with adoration. Sanju says I will attempt. Pankhudi is in her room and is upbeat subsequent to admitting adoration to Vedant. She supposes I suspected as many numerous approaches to admit you adore, and moves in her room taking a gander at Vedant’s pic.

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