Raja Beta 2 April 2019 Written Update – Sanju Unconscious on Bed

Written Update: Raja Beta 2 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Vedant communicating his affection to Purva. Purva holds him and lies on the bed. He draws nearer to her for a kiss, yet simply then Pankhudi stops their private minute by yelling di. Purva and Vedant get stressed. They hurried to her room and see Sanju oblivious on the bed, and alcoholic Sanju attempting to request that her get up. Purva asks Sanju to move and sprinkles water all over. She sees her garments torn. Ramesh, Gomti, and others come there. Does Ramesh ask what was the deal?

Gomti sees the bottle and says it appears he drank completely. Dadi says wine in Sanjeevani sadan. Sumiti says little maharani helped him. Purva says this can’t be conceivable. Pankhudi opens her eyes furtively and thinks di took a gander at the perfect spot, as Purva looks in the glass and discovers white powder in the glass with wine. She supposes it is drugs. Pankhudi professes to be oblivious still. Purva asks Vedant to accomplish something. Vedant lifts Pankhudi and takes her to his room.

He is going to check her. Purva asks him not to contact her and tells that she supposes Sanju assaulted her. Vedant says you are simply expecting it. Purva says Pankhudi was oblivious and Sanju was near her. Pankhudi opens her eyes and grins. Purva says Pankhudi’s sleeve was torn and asks what was the white thing in the glass? Vedant says Sanju won’t do such modest thing and says we will solicit both from them. Purva says both Pankhudi and this glass will be tried. She bolts the room and says she needs to converse with Sanju.

Pankhudi grins and gets up. She reviews and a fb has appeared, Sanju goes to her room and tells that they will go out on the town today. Pankhudi will not run with him. He requests that her prepare. She takes a gander at the Champagne bottle and inquires as to whether he can drink all container at one go. Sanju says I can drink full container without a moment’s delay. She includes two tablets in the glass and one in the container.

She makes him drink the other medicated bottle too. Sanju gets much intoxicated and attempts to kiss her. She tears her sleeves and falls on the bed with him. Fb closes. She lays on Vedant and Purva’s enhanced bloom bed and thinks just I have directly on Vedant and on this bed. She supposes Vedant will be on this bed with her and blows on the blossoms.

Purva sprinkles water all over and asks what did you do with Pankhudi. She requests that the answer. Dadi says what’s going on in my home and what he was doing in Pankhudi’s room. She inquires as to whether anybody realizes that he drinks wine. Vedant checks Sanju and tells that he isn’t in his faculties and tells that he had sedated drinks. He says we can talk when he picks up awareness.

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