Raja Beta 19 June 2019 Written Update – Purva hears her shockingly and cries

Written Update: Raja Beta 19 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

She closes the call and tells taking a gander at Purva that she merit him and Purva needs to empty the spot for her. Narendra and Sumiti have a discussion on the eating table. Sanju comes there. He says he can’t have sustenance now as they had nourishment outside. Dadi inquires as to why they have outside nourishment. Narendra says they went out. Manjula asks Pankhudi to offer soup to Purva. Purva contacts her mangalsutra and considers Vedant. Pankhudi goes to her and requests that her beverage soup. Purva gets some information about her reports and beverages soup quick. Pankhudi says you are 4 months pregnant and premature birth is unsafe for your life.

Raja Beta 19 June 2019

Purva solicits what are the odds from risk. Pankhudi says there is 20 percent odds of hazard to her life. Purva says 80 percent shots are of survival. Purva says we will hustle just a bit. Pankhudi says Vedant can’t irate and hazard your life. Purva says you will help me being my sister. Pankhudi says you didn’t get pregnant persuasively and whatever you did was purposeful. Purva says I was infatuated that time and that time she didn’t have a clue what is good and bad. She requests that her take her gems and garments, all bliss, Vedant and so forth.

She at that point acknowledges what she said and goes out. Pankhudi thinks whether I heard right and thinks whether Di realizes the amount I cherish him. She supposes will I solicit her to give Vedanta in exchange from fetus removal. Sanju comes there and asks which frozen yogurt she needs to have. Pankhudi says she isn’t eager. Sanju demands. Pankhudi says I am not in a mind-set. He says lets choose by chit. Pankhudi tosses the chit and requests that he see the other chit. Sanju giggles and says you resemble me. He requests that her show frame of mind till marriage and goes.

Purva goes to her room. Vedant returns home. Purva inquires as to whether Pankhudi is correct that premature birth can’t occur. Vedant says for what reason are you so resolved for premature birth. She says this child resembles tumor in my life and is the memory of Past whom I can’t love ever. Vedant causes her to sit and says I am upset for not understanding your recognition and requests that he think from his view. He says God has picked you for this infant, don’t grab this current infant’s correct.

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