Raja Beta 16 May 2019 Written Update – Vedant & Purva Spend Some Time

Written Update: Raja Beta 16 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Vedant getting irate. Gomti inquires as to for what reason did you give my space to Purva. Ramesh says I confide in you completely. Gomti supposes I won’t come in your device and supposes you will sell out your sister in riches matter. Later Vedant tosses letter on Purva requesting that her meet him desperately. Purva takes a gander at Gomti who is resting and goes out. Vedant and Purva are going some place in the vehicle. Purva asks him for what valid reason would he say he is driving so impulsively?

Raja Beta 16 May 2019

He takes her someplace. She inquires as to why we’ re here. Vedant requests that her trust him. He daze creases her and after that opens the visually impaired overlap. He says you will get an answer for your inquiries. Purva sees I cherish you composed on the recreation center with the light. Purva says it is wonderful and grins. Vedant says he thought of losing her as the separation case is beginning. He says I need to live without you. He discloses to her that he adores her definitely and can’t survive without her. He says I need to live without you.

Purva says I cherish you as well, and can’t survive without you and would prefer not to live without you. She says for what reason are we discussing partition and says she can’t survive without him. He says there is a shock for her and holds her hand and takes her to see her pics. Purva embraces him and says I adore you and this shock is a decent blessing, however, nothing can be great than you and I thank you God dependably. Vedant supplicates that they get satisfaction throughout everyday life.

Raja Beta 16 May 2019

Bahon ke darmiyan plays. They get back home. Vedant holds her and says today around evening time is extremely uncommon for him and inquires as to whether she is upbeat. She grins and embraces him. She says everything is going to change after tomorrow, I am going to seek legal separation and converses with the attorney Kaushal. She says he will make the papers prepared, yet it won’t achieve court. Pankhudi comes there and asks Purva what is this. She says Sumiti is heading off to Bua’s room.

Sumiti says Purva may be in her significant other’s room and thinks to catch her in the act. She goes to Vedant’s room and discovers him resting on bed. She supposes where Purva is going alone. She hears Pankhudi and Purva working out in the lobby. She asks them. Purva says she has corrosiveness and necessities to take infusion. Pankhudi says she will give. Sumiti goes. Vedant comes to Purva and pankhudi and tells this is required. Purva asks Pankhudi to be with Vedant and don’t abandon him desolate. Vedant says Sali is half ghar wali. Pankhudi asks Purva to go with the goal that way is cleared. Purva goes.

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