Raja Beta 15 October 2019 Written Update – Pankhudi telling Purva

Written Update: Raja Beta 15 October 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Pankhudi requests that her call her Mrs. Pankhudi Vedant Tripathi. Purva comes to Dadi. Manjula says Amma isn’t well. Purva inquires as to whether they called Vedant. Manjula says no, Amma will approve of rest. Dadi inquires as to whether she needs to state something. Purva says I can’t tell Dadi as she is as of now unwell and goes from the room. She turns out and inquires as to whether she can accompany him.

Vedant says you are my PA and will arrive at emergency clinic before me and take every necessary step. Pankhudi comes and requests that her sit on posterior. She thinks Purva has turned out to be quiet and frail since I outlined for her my arrangement. Purva thinks how to let him know and figures no one but God can support her.

Vedant stops the vehicle seeing Parvati ji’s stuff tumbling down. He offers to drop her to her home. Devi Parvati says you are a specialist and your patients must hang tight for you and requests that he go. Vedant signs Purva to turn out and requests that her drop her to her home. He goes with Pankhudi. Devi Parvati inquires as to why she is looking dismal. Purva reveals to Parvati ji that she was instructed in youth how to conquer the challenges.

Parvati ji requests that her determine what is in her heart? Purva says my sister has tested me that she will take my better half to wrong way and needs to have connection with him so she can defamed his regard. Parvati ji says the evilness can’t overcome the great individual. Purva says you said right, a great individual will never give the awful individual a chance to come to him. Mahadev comes in vehicle and Parvati ji leaves with him.

Raja Beta 15 October 2019

Pankhudi and Vedant go to the medical clinic and see a patient who gets crazy and rejects for treatment by the male specialist. Vedant asks Pankhudi to deal with this patient. Purva comes there and says somebody from Kaali pharma organization came. Vedant and Pankhudi meet Alakshmi as salesperson from Kaali Pharma organization.

She tells that the organization is propelling a medication which can be utilized to deal with the patients’ state of mind. Vedant says it isn’t endorsed and sie impacts isn’t composed on it. Alakshmi requests that he use it and give criticism. Vedant says medication will be tried in research focus and not on patients. Pankhudi takes a gander at Alakshmi. Alakshmi takes a gander at her and goes out.

Pankhudi says she needs to make an earnest call and goes. Purva discloses to Vedant that you can’t do anything incorrectly and tells that when she helped the woman, she made her understood that she will not fear. Pankhudi takes Alakshmi to room and requests that her demonstrate the example. Alakshmi demonstrates the example. Pankhudi inquires as to whether this medication is utilized on the individual at that point will it be powerful. Alakshmi tells this is SM Mohan, sammohan.

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