Raja Beta 14 October 2019 Written Update – Dadi Appreciates Vedant

Written Update: Raja Beta 14 October 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Pankhudi telling Dadi and Vedant that the young lady isn’t consenting to break her quick and asks Vedant to make her beverage water. Vedant takes the container from her. Dadi acknowledges Vedant for doing right. Pankhudi says Nani mausi is correct. Vedant strolls towards Purva holding the water container. Purva says I realize that you will come and break my quick.

Vedant asks her not to have any misconception and says I will break your quick for humankind’s purpose and not as your significant other. Purva takes a gander at him. Alakshmi reveals to Parvati that she has filled desirous and scorn in Pankhudi and asks how you will spare your bhakt from her.

Vedant is going to make her beverage water, when Manjula comes and tells that moon is concealing currently, hang tight for at some point. Ramesh says what is this new show, make her beverage water and end this issue. Mahadev comes there and inquires as to whether Vedant Tripathi is here. Vedant distinguishes him and comes to him. Mahadev says I had requested that the retailer keep the stuff and I will take it later.

Raja Beta 14 October 2019

Vedant inquires as to whether the stuff was bad. Mahadev says the stuff was in your name and it was conveyed to clinic. Vedant says no conveyance was done in the emergency clinic. Purva says it was conveyed to me and I thought you brought it for you. Dadi says it was predetermined. Manjula inquires as to whether he is feeling terrible that his better half couldn’t prepare. Mahadev says no as the stuff arrived at a wedded woman.

Pankhudi asks Vedant to make the young lady drink water and end the issue. Vedant is going to make her beverage water when Mahadev hacks intensely. Vedant gives him a water container. Mahadev drinks all the water. Parvati reveals to Alakshmi that Mahadev has drunk poison for his bhakt. Pankhudi figures he will lose his voice.

Manjula sees the moon showing up again and asks Vedant to make Purva drink water and break her quick. Mahadev says I drank this water completely. Vedant asks Manjula to give him water kalash and makes Purva drink water with his hand. Purva beverages water and swoons. Dadi yells Purva. Vedant yells young lady. Manjula requests that he take her inside. Pankhudi figures this man will lost his voice now because of hacking.

Raja Beta 14 October 2019

Mahadev discloses to Dadi that he will leave you. Dadi expresses gratitude toward him and says Purva could wear garments brought by Vedant as a result of you. he says it was fate. Pankhudi hears them incredibly as he didn’t lose his voice. Vedant takes Purva to the room and checks her nerve. Purva gets up. He says on the off chance that you remain hungry for additional time, at that point your wellbeing could break down additional.

She says she didn’t do anything incorrectly and made a stride towards their connection. He says we have a connection of Doctor and patient at this point. Manjula requests that he caused her to eat nourishment first and break her quick. Vedant causes her to eat nourishment. Manjula grins and goes.

Purva expresses gratitude toward her. Vedant requests that her rest and covers cover on her. Her hairs get caught in his sleeve button. Purva gets up and attempts to liberate her hair from his sleeve button. Pankhudi gets desirous. Parvati discloses to Mahadev that he spared her bhakt at the perfect time. He says when you send me there, you didn’t have a clue about such Purva’s reality is risk, I went there and spared her.

He says Ravan wouldn’t be decimated, if Shurpanakha had not assaulted Sita. He says I felt that on the off chance that Mata kaikeyi wouldn’t have sent Ram for vanvas, at that point Sita wouldn’t have been assaulted. Parvati says fate is predetermined and one occurrence is associated with other.

Parvati says whatever I did is correct or wrong. Mahadev says the truth will surface eventually. Vedant comes to Purva and checks her heartbeat. He gives her prescription. Purva expresses gratitude toward him. Vedant asks what do you feel that you will affect me against Pankhudi and I will trust you. She says you alluded us as us. He says until I am alive then I will love just Purva. Purva says I am Purva. Vedant requests that her quit acting and don’t do this dramatization.

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