Raja Beta 14 May 2019 Written Update – Attempt To Murder Dadi

Written Update: Raja Beta 14 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Vedant coming inside Sanjeevani Sadan on his bicycle astounding everybody. Ramesh asks this isn’t basti or bazaar, this is my home. Vedant says on the off chance that I am needed in this house, at that point my things will likewise accompany me. He says this is my home, I went from here for my Maa, and asks Ramesh to demonstrate their rundown. Ramesh demonstrates rundown. Vedant asks Narendra to sit and says I can give this much philanthropy for Dada ji.

He composes check and tosses on Sanju requesting that he get some money. Sanju is standing indignantly. Vedant requests that he go and approaches on the off chance that he needs additional cash for his ear treatment. He says the vehicle went for administration and requests that he go to the taxi. Sanju gets furious. Vedant asks him not to do show else he will return on his bicycle. He asks Ramesh to begin and comes to Manjula. He says I am doing this for your future satisfaction, and asks Ramesh to apologize to him, says you are not unreasonably significant.

Raja Beta 14 May 2019

He approaches Sanju to make tea for him. Sanju goes. Vedant asks Ramesh to apologize first, twist down and after that rub nose on the floor. Sanju conveys tea and provides for Vedant. Vedant tastes the tea and says your called me with phony data, your Papa isn’t in a disposition to apologize. He sits on the bicycle. Ramesh calls him Gudadi lal and requests that he stop. Vedant requests that he called by his name and says he is the proprietor of the house. He tallies till 10 and requests that he apologize. Ramesh yells absolution and afterward says pardon me.

Vedant says poor kid and says that is the reason you couldn’t turn into a specialist. He requests that he apologize as he said with collapsed hands. Ramesh folds his hands and says pardon me for all my trouble making, return home. Vedant requests that he rub his nose and apologize, not to him but rather with Maa. He says I am not mannerless like you and approaches him to apologize for his each wrong doings. Manjula says you won’t do this. Vedant holds his hand and takes him to Manjula.

Raja Beta 14 May 2019

He reveals to Manjula that she will obey to his expressions for the time being. He tosses keys and asks Ramesh to pick the keys and apologize to Manjula. Ramesh apologizes. Manjula says you won’t do anything. Vedant requests that he hustle just a bit. Ramesh apologizes and twists down in front of Manjula and is going to rub his nose on the floor, however, Manjula stops him and asks Vedant to stop him calling him mannerless. She hurries to the room. Vedant says I will concur for my Dadi, and says stimulation was great, and it is over for the time being. Ramesh gets up. Sanju and gomti come to Ramesh.

Pankhudi comes to Dadi and says she conveyed something for her to make her fine. Dadi is going to eat, faculties somebody coming there and says I won’t eat anything. Vedant comes there and inquires as to whether she needs to be unwell. Others likewise come there. Vedant requests that she eat sustenance and expedite grin everybody faces. Gomti thinks Ramesh lost his regard for his intention. Purva comes and calls Vedant. Vedant and others turn out. He inquires as to for what reason are you yelling.

Purva says with the goal that my voice is heard to your messy soul. She blames him for getting Dadi’s mishap and asks how could you do this? She says you took a chance with Dadi’s life in peril and sent me to my Nani’s home. Vedant asks her not to make counterfeit stories. Purva says I have the confirmation. She plays CCTV film in which Vedanta gets down from the vehicle and the truck hits the vehicle where Dadi is situated. Purva requests that everybody see her modest spouse’s modest work and says his face is of God and work is of abhorrence.

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