Raja Beta 14 June 2019 Written Update – Pankhudi Agrees to get Purva Abortion

Written Update: Raja Beta 14 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Pankhudi says now a specialist will converse with a patient. She says it will be hazardous for you to prematurely end the infant in the fourth month. Purva says she can go for broke. Pankhudi requests that her go to any medical clinic and says doing fetus removal is against her heart and morals. Purva takes out some cash packages and says might be your heart and morals changes after this. She inquires as to whether this is sufficient or you need another person.

Raja Beta 14 June 2019 Written Update

She says you have done my companion’s premature birth previously. Pankhudi says it was past and says I never took cash for it. Purva requests that her take the cash and let her get her assistance. Pankhudi gets a call and goes. Vedant calls Manjula. Manjula inquires as to whether every one of the tests are done and gets some information about the report. Vedant asks what? Manjula says Purva is with you naa. Vedant says I am in the class and says I will check with Pankhudi. He calls Purva.

Purva switches off her telephone and says not currently. She says I will bear your annoyance, yet won’t let our marriage ruin. Vedant blows up and thinks what to do now. Pankhudi thinks what to do, one side is Purva and the opposite side is Vedant. Vedant calls Pankhudi and inquires as to whether Purva came to the emergency clinic and requested that you do fetus removal. Pankhudi says no and says in the event that she comes, at that point I will educate you.

Raja Beta 14 June 2019 Written Update

Vedant thinks whether Pankhudi’s heart liquefies then she will prematurely end the infant and says no. Pankhudi supposes she can’t let him know until she finishes her arrangement. Vedant calls Dr. Rashmi and inquires as to whether Purva came to the emergency clinic. Rashmi checks in Pankhudi’s lodge and tells Purva is here. Vedant gets annoyed with Pankhudi.

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